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 dì fang area / place / space / room / territory / CL:處|处[chu4],個|个[ge4],塊|块[kuai4]
 wèi zhi position / place / seat / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dì diǎn place / site / location / venue / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dì wèi position / status / place / CL:個|个[ge4]
 chǎng suǒ location / place
 bù wèi position / place
 míng é quota / number of places / place (in an institution, a group etc)
 míng cì position in a ranking of names / place / rank
 jì tuō to entrust (to sb) / to place (one's hope, energy etc) in / a thing in which you invest (your hope, energy etc)
 fàng zài place
 suǒ zài place / location / (after a noun) place where it is located
 chǎng dì space / site / place / sports pitch
 zhì yú to place / to put (at or in a position) / to be located
 wèi zi place / seat
 qù chù place / destination
 yī xí zhī dì (acknowledged) place / a role to play / niche
 jì yú to place (hope, importance etc) on / to express / to show / to give
 jì yǔ to place (hope, importance etc) on / to express / to show / to give
 ān fàng to lay / to place / to put in a certain place
 fā shēng to happen / to occur / to take place / to break out
 yī qǐ in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
 shǒu xiān first (of all) / in the first place
 nà li there / that place
 yī kuài one block / one piece / one (unit of money) / together / in the same place / in company
 gù dìng to fix / to fasten / to set rigidly in place / fixed / set / regular
 cǐ chù this place / here (literary)
 jū zhù to reside / to dwell / to live in a place / resident in
 suǒ dìng to lock (a door) / to close with a latch / to lock into place / a lock / a latch / to lock a computer file (to prevent it being overwritten) / to lock (denying access to a computer system or device or files, e.g. by password-protection) / to focus attention on / to target
 dìng gòu to place an order / to subscribe
 jǐng diǎn scenic spot / place of interest (tourism)
 liú dòng to flow / to circulate / to go from place to place / to be mobile / (of assets) liquid
 shí kōng time and place / world of a particular locale and era / (physics) space-time
 yù dìng to place an order / to book ahead
 xué wèi academic degree / place in school
 dì dao authentic / genuine / typical / from a place known for the product / thorough / conscientious
 chǎn dì source (of a product) / place of origin / manufacturing location
 dài tì to replace / to take the place of
 sì chù all over the place / everywhere and all directions
 tiān yá the other end of the world / a faraway place
 dào wèi to get to the intended location / to be in place / to be in position / precise / well (done)
 yuǎn chù distant place
 jiā xiāng hometown / native place / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shàng fāng place above
 ān zhì to find a place for / to help settle down / to arrange for / to get into bed / placement
 duì zhào to contrast / to compare / to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts) / to check
 gù xiāng home / homeland / native place / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shī xíng to put in place / to put into practice / to take effect
 yuán dì (in) the original place / the place where one currently is / place of origin / local (product)
 cǐ dì here / this place
 wú yuán to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
 xiāng yuē to agree (on a meeting place, date etc) / to reach agreement / to make an appointment
 lǎo jiā native place / place of origin / home state or region
 shǒu wèi first place
 huì chǎng meeting place / place where people gather / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qí suǒ its place / one's appointed place / the place for that
 yì dì different place / abroad
 yuán chǎn dì original source / place of origin / provenance
 míng shèng a place famous for its scenery or historical relics / scenic spot / CL:處|处[chu4]
 guī shǔ to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
 shèng dì holy land (of a religion) / sacred place / shrine / holy city (such as Jerusalem, Mecca etc) / center of historic interest
 hé zài where? / what place?
 zhù suǒ habitation / dwelling place / residence / CL:處|处[chu4]
 zhù chù residence / dwelling / dwelling place
 dìng huò to order goods / to place an order
 yà jūn second place (in a sports contest) / runner-up
 Jīn líng pre-Han name for Nanjing / common place name
 huì suǒ office of an association / meeting place / clubhouse / club
 gè chù every place
宿 guī sù place to return to / home / final destination / ending
 jí guàn one's native place / place of ancestry / registered birthplace
 wài bian outside / outer surface / abroad / place other than one's home
 dìng gòu to order goods / to place an order
 guī dàng to file away / to place on file
 gāo chù high place / elevation
 xià dān to place an order / to order / an order (of goods)
 dì míng place name / toponym
 èr lái in the second place / secondly
 gōng gòng chǎng suǒ public place
 dì èr wèi second place
 zhì shēn to place oneself / to stay
 chē wèi parking spot / unloading point / garage place / stand for taxi
 shí wèi the tens place (or column) in the decimal system
 cǐ jiān here / this place
 tā xiāng foreign land / away from one's native place
 yì xiāng foreign land / a place far from home
 guàn shū to imbue with / to inculcate / to instill into / to teach / to impart / to channel water to another place
 chū wài to go out / to leave for another place
 xiāng tí bìng lùn to discuss two disparate things together (idiom) / to mention on equal terms / to place on a par with / (often with negatives: impossible to mention X in the same breath as Y)
 cè zhòng to place particular emphasis on
 àn chù secret place
 luàn pǎo to run around all over the place
 Hé tián Hotan, city and prefecture in Xinjiang / Wada (Japanese surname and place name)
 dì lì favorable location / in the right place / productivity of land
 ān dùn to find a place for / to help settle down / to arrange for / undisturbed / peaceful
 sì yì (of a perfume or a foul odor) permeating the whole place / (of grease etc) dripping everywhere / flowing all over the place
 gù lǐ hometown / native place
 yī sī bù gǒu not one thread loose (idiom) / strictly according to the rules / meticulous / not one hair out of place
 dì sān wèi third place
 fā yuán dì place of origin / birthplace / source
 chǎn qū place of production / manufacturing location
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