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 yī qǐ in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
 gòng tóng common / joint / jointly / together / collaborative
 yī kuài one block / one piece / one (unit of money) / together / in the same place / in company
 yī dào together
 yī tóng along / together
 lián mèi jointly / as a group / together
 huò to mix (ingredients) together / to blend / classifier for rinses of clothes / classifier for boilings of medicinal herbs
 tóng like / same / similar / together / alike / with
 qi lai (after a verb) indicating the beginning and continuation of an action or a state / indicating an upward movement (e.g. after 站[zhan4]) / bringing things together (e.g. after 收拾[shou1 shi5]) / (after a perception verb, e.g. 看[kan4]) expressing preliminary judgment / also pr. [qi3 lai5]
 hé zuò to cooperate / to collaborate / to work together / cooperation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gòng xiǎng to share / to enjoy together
 jí zhōng to concentrate / to centralize / to focus / centralized / concentrated / to put together
 zhào kāi to convene (a conference or meeting) / to convoke / to call together
 xié tiáo to coordinate / to harmonize / to fit together / to match (colors etc) / harmonious / concerted
 lián tōng connection / link / to link together
 biān zhì to weave / to plait / to compile / to put together (a lesson plan, budget etc)
 shōu lù to include (in a collection) / to put together (stories, poems etc) / to record / to employ / to recruit
 róng hé a mixture / an amalgam / fusion / welding together / to be in harmony with (nature) / to harmonize with / to fit in
 tóng xíng to journey together
 jù huì party / gathering / to meet / to get together
 lián shǒu lit. to join hands / to act together
 bàn suí to accompany / to follow / to occur together with / concomitant
 yuán fèn fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 tóng jū to live together
 dā jiàn to build (esp. with simple materials) / to knock together (a temporary shed) / to rig up
 mì jí concentrated / crowded together / intensive / compressed
 wú yuán to have no opportunity / no way (of doing sth) / no chance / no connection / not placed (in a competition) / (in pop lyrics) no chance of love, no place to be together etc
 yī bìng to lump together / to treat along with all the others
 yǒu yuán related / brought together by fate
 lián tóng together with / along with
 xiāng jù to meet together / to assemble
 gòng tóng nǔ lì to work together / to collaborate
 huì jù convergence / to come together
 guà gōu hook (on which to hang sth) / to couple / to link together / to establish contact with / hook / coupling links (e.g. between two railway coaches)
 jiā zá to mix together (disparate substances) / to mingle / a mix / to be tangled up with
 jù hé to come together (to form sth) / to assemble together / (chemistry) to polymerize
 zhuāng pèi to assemble / to fit together
 xián jiē to join together / to combine
 yuán fèn also written 緣分|缘分 / fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 jí qún clan / to clan together / to flock together
 xiāng zhuàng collision / crash / to crash together / to collide with / to bump into
 chóng dié to overlap / to superimpose / to telescope / to run together / to duplicate / one over another / superposition / an overlap / redundancy / reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步[san4 san4 bu4] to have a stroll)
 huì cuì collecting together (of distinguished people or exquisite objects) / to gather / to assemble
 yī wú suǒ yǒu not having anything at all (idiom) / utterly lacking / without two sticks to rub together
 bài bai to pay one's respects by bowing with hands in front of one's chest clasping joss sticks, or with palms pressed together / (Taiwan) religious ceremony in which offerings are made to a deity
 qí shēng all speaking together / in chorus
 mì mi má má numerous and close together / densely packed / thickly dotted / thick / dense
 jiāo huì variant of 交匯|交汇 / to flow together / confluence (of rivers, airflow, roads) / (international) cooperation
 qiān lián to implicate / implicated / to link together
 guàn tōng to link up / to thread together
 xiāng huì to meet together
 wéi xì to maintain / to keep up / to hold together
 zhèn zuò to bestir oneself / to pull oneself together / to cheer up / to uplift / to stimulate
 jī jù to coalesce / to gather together / to amass
 xiāng tí bìng lùn to discuss two disparate things together (idiom) / to mention on equal terms / to place on a par with / (often with negatives: impossible to mention X in the same breath as Y)
 náng kuò to include / to embrace / to bring together
 còu he to bring together / to make do in a bad situation / to just get by / to improvise / passable / not too bad
 wǎng luó net for fishing or bird catching / (fig.) fetters / to snare (a valuable new team member etc) / to bring together under the one umbrella
 jù zài yī qǐ to get together
 sōu luó to gather / to collect / to bring together
 bìng jìn to advance together
 biān chéng to organize / to put together / to edit
 pèng miàn to meet / to run into (sb) / to get together (with sb)
 bì hé to close by coming together (like the lips of a wound, the doors of an elevator, the walls of a channel) / to close by connecting in a loop (like a circuit) / closed-loop
 qí xīn xié lì to work with a common purpose (idiom) / to make concerted efforts / to pull together / to work as one
 pīn còu to assemble / to put together
 tóng lè to enjoy together
 sī shǒu to stay together / to rely on one another
 féng hé to sew together / suture (in surgery) / to sew up (a wound)
 gòng shì to work together
 jiū jié to intertwine / to band together (with) / to link up (with) / twisted / tangled / confused / to be at a loss
 pīn jiē to put together / to join
 hé shí to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
 zhā duī to gather together
 tán xiào fēng shēng to talk cheerfully and wittily / to joke together
 jù sàn coming together and separating / aggregation and dissipation
 xiāng ān wú shì to live together in harmony
 duì right / correct / couple / pair / towards / at / for / to face / opposite / to treat (sb a certain way) / to match together / to adjust / to fit / to suit / to answer / to reply / classifier: couple
 gòng shāng to jointly discuss / to discuss together (business)
 lián yòng to continue using / use together with sth / use next
 nián lián to adhere / to stick together
 xié lǎo to grow old together
 hé bàn to cooperate / to do business together
 jù lǒng to gather together
 hé móu to conspire / to plot together
 gòng móu to scheme together / to conspire / joint plan / conspiracy
 huān jù to get together socially / to celebrate / party / celebration
 tóng xīn xié lì to work with a common purpose (idiom) / to make concerted efforts / to pull together / to work as one
 hún rán yī tǐ to blend into one another / to blend together well
 nián zhuó to stick together / to adhere
 dǎ chéng yī piàn to merge / to integrate / to become as one / to unify together
 yú lóng hùn zá lit. fish and dragons mixed in together (idiom) / fig. crooks mixed in with the honest folk
 hé zhǎng to clasp hands / to put one's palms together (in prayer)
 píng shuǐ xiāng féng strangers coming together by chance (idiom)
 yī pāi jí hé lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom) / to hit it off / to click together / to chime in easily
 xùn qíng to die together in the name of love / to sacrifice oneself for love
 jiū jí to gather together / to muster
 hé yǎn to act together / to put on a joint performance
 lián lǐ two trees that grow together as one / fig. conjugal union
 gòng fù joint participation / to go together
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