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 děng jí grade / rank / status
 jí bié (military) rank / level / grade
 shēn fèn identity / status / capacity / dignity / position / rank
 dài yù treatment / pay / salary / status / rank
 míng cì position in a ranking of names / place / rank
 děng class / rank / grade / equal to / same as / to wait for / to await / et cetera / and so on / et al. (and other authors) / after / as soon as / once
 tóu xián title / rank / appellation
 pái míng to rank (1st, 2nd etc) / ranking
 pái háng to rank / ranking / seniority (among siblings)
 pǐn wèi rank / grade / quality / (aesthetic) taste
 fēn jí to rank / to grade / to classify / rank / grade / classification
 shēn fèn variant of 身份 / identity / status / capacity / dignity / position / rank
 míng liè to rank (number 1, or third last etc) / to be among (those who are in a particular group)
 wèi liè to rank
 gōng míng scholarly honor (in imperial exams) / rank / achievement / fame / glory
 gāo jū to stand above / to occupy an important position / to rank (among the top few)
 háng row / line / commercial firm / line of business / profession / to rank (first, second etc) among one's siblings (by age) / (in data tables) row / (Tw) column
 zhí jí (job) position / level / grade / rank
 pǐn article / commodity / product / goods / kind / grade / rank / character / disposition / nature / temperament / variety / to taste sth / to sample / to criticize / to comment / to judge / to size up / fret (on a guitar or lute)
 jí level / grade / rank / step (of stairs) / CL:個|个[ge4] / classifier: step, level
 xián bit (of a bridle) / to hold in the mouth / to harbor (feelings) / to link / to accept / rank / title
 pǐn dì grade (i.e. quality) / rank
 xué xián academic title / rank
 děng dì level / rank / grade / rating
 duàn shù rank / level
 shùn wèi rank / place / position
 míng xián rank / title
 duàn wèi rank / class / (Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
 Lán kè Rank (name) / Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886), important German historian
 zǒng jiān head / director (of an organizational unit) / (police) commissioner / inspector-general / rank of local governor in Tang dynasty administration
 zhuàng yuán top scorer in the palace examination (highest rank of the Imperial examination system) / see 榜眼[bang3 yan3] and 探花[tan4 hua1] / top scorer in college entrance examination 高考[gao1 kao3] / (fig.) the most brilliantly talented person in the field / leading light
 píng xíng parallel / of equal rank / simultaneous
 jìn jí to advance in rank / promotion / advancement
 tóu hào first rate / top rank / number one
 xiǎo jiàng (in classical literature) young military officer of high rank for his age / (during the Cultural Revolution) young militant in the Red Guard / (in modern usage) rising star (in sport, politics etc)
 yī pǐn superb / first-rate / (of officials in imperial times) the highest rank
 jūn xián army rank / military rank
 míng liè qián máo to rank among the best
 dī dàng low-grade / of low worth or rank / poor quality / inferior
 sān jiǎ 3rd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination
 guǎn jiā pó housewife (jocularly) / female housekeeper of a higher rank (old) / busybody
 róng huá fù guì glory, splendor, wealth and rank (idiom) / high position and great wealth
 fán mào exuberant / luxuriant / lush and flourishing (vegetation) / rank growth
 dū wèi military rank
 èr jiǎ 2nd rank of candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 4th place and up)
 cè fēng to confer a title upon sb / to dub / to crown / to invest with rank or title
 cǎo mǎng a rank growth of grass / uncultivated land / wilderness
 dì (prefix indicating ordinal number, e.g. first, number two etc) / order / (old) rank in the imperial examinations / mansion / (literary) but / just
 guān xián title / official rank
 jǔ guó shàng xià the entire nation / the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file
 guān jiē official rank
 míng wèi fame and position / official rank
 sī kòu minister of criminal justice (official rank in imperial China)
 jǐng xián police rank
 shòu xián rank of professor / academic title
 lù wèi official rank and salary
 líng zi peacock feathers on an official's hat displaying his rank (traditional) / pheasant tail feathers on warriors' helmets (opera)
 jiē rank or step / stairs
 biàn (old) cap (garment) / military officer of low rank (in former times) / preceding
 shān rank odor (of sheep or goats)
 shān rank odor (of sheep or goats)
 jué coarse grass used to show rank
 gōng míng lì lù position and wealth (idiom) / rank, fame and fortune
 kàn rén xíng shì to treat people according to their rank and one's relationship with them (idiom)
 mǎng rank grass / overgrown weeds
 jìn shēn zhī jiē stepping-stone to greater power or higher rank
 guì rén nobility / person of high rank
 àn zhuǎn (theater) blackout (e.g. at the end of a scene) / (literary) to be promoted in rank secretly
 jiè jade tablet indicating rank
 píng jià fēn lèi rank, classify
 shì lù hereditary benefits such as rank and wealth
 bǐng děng third rank / third category / third grade / grade C
 guó zhèng national politics / archaic rank, "Minister of State" / common given name
 zhuān měi yú qián to monopolize the limelight (idiom) / to get all the glory / to rank highest
 chéng jí to inherit a rank (from a predecessor)
 róng lù dà fū a rank in government service
 jué lù rank and emolument of nobility
 shè huì děng jí social rank / class / caste
 lù xīng Star God of Rank and Affluence (Daoism)
 lù zhì official rank and pay
 chāo qiān (literary) to be promoted more than one grade or rank at a time / to be promoted ahead of time
 dǐng dài cap badge (official sign of rank in Qing dynasty)
 shǒu zhòng to emphasize / to give the most weight to / to rank first
  PageRank / page rank
  insigna of rank / insigna / badge of rank
  insigna of rank / insigna / badge of rank
 kē míng rank obtained in the imperial examinations / scholarly honors
寿 fù guì shòu kǎo rank, wealth, and long life
 diào chē wěi (coll.) lowest-ranking (student, participant etc) / to rank at the bottom of the list / to finish last
 jìn shēn to get oneself promoted to a higher rank
 yī jiǎ 1st rank or top three candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 狀元|状元[zhuang4 yuan2], 榜眼[bang3 yan3], and 探花[tan4 hua1], respectively)
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