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 lèi xíng type / category / genre / form / style
 zhǒng lèi kind / genus / type / category / variety / species / sort / class
 yàng shì type / style
 zhǒng seed / species / kind / type / classifier for types, kinds, sorts
 cài dish (type of food) / vegetable / cuisine / CL:盤|盘[pan2],道[dao4] / (coll.) (one's) type / (of one's skills etc) weak / poor
 xíng hào model (particular version of a manufactured article) / type (product specification in terms of color, size etc)
 lù rù to input (computer) / to type
 dǎ zì to type
 xíng tài form / shape / type / style / pattern
 xíng shì type / pattern / version / style
 shì yàng style / type / model
 hào zi work chant / prison cell / type / sort / mark / sign / signal / (Tw) brokerage firm
 dǎ to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
 qiān zì type / movable letters (printing)
 shì type / form / pattern / style
 lèi kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
 xíng mold / type / style / model
 zhè zhǒng this / this kind of / this sort of / this type of
 yī zhǒng one kind of / one type of
 nà zhǒng that / that kind of / that sort of / that type of
 xīn xíng new type / new kind
 tóng lèi similar / same type / alike
 dà fāng expert / scholar / mother earth / a type of green tea
 bǐ jì to take down (in writing) / notes / a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches / CL:本[ben3]
 tè zhǒng particular kind / special type
 yǔ zhòng language type (in a classification)
 yǔ zhǒng language type (in a classification)
 yī lèi same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)
 shǒu jiā first (hotel of its type, store of its type etc)
 dà lèi main type / main class / main category
 yàn zhèng mǎ verification code / CAPTCHA, a type of challenge-response test (computing)
 xuè xíng blood group / blood type
 yì zhì to grow the intellect / Alpinia oxyphylla, a type of ginger (Chinese medicine)
 xiǎo chē small model car / mini-car / small horse-cart / barrow / wheelbarrow / type of folk dance
 yìng wò hard sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a harder bunk)
 tǐ xíng build / body type
 liáng zhǒng improved type / good breed / pedigree
 xīn shì new style / latest type
 yì xíng not the usual type / atypical / heterotype
 lǎo shì old-fashioned / old type / outdated
 ruǎn wò soft sleeper (a type of sleeper train ticket class with a softer bunk)
 xiǎn zhǒng insurance type
 sǐ bù liǎo Portulaca Sundial (a type of plant)
 hàn bái yù white marble / a type of white marble used for building and sculpting
 yàng manner / pattern / way / appearance / shape / classifier: kind, type
 kè yìn to engrave a seal / stamp mark / to print with carved type / to leave a deep impression
 bì luó chūn biluochun or pi lo chun, a type of green tea grown in the Dongting Mountain region near Lake Tai 太湖[Tai4 Hu2], Jiangsu
 bǎn lóu slab type building
便 zuò biàn qì pedestal type WC
 dà hóng páo an expensive type of oolong tea
 jiǎ xíng type A / type I / alpha-
 tiān zhū dzi bead, a type of stone bead highly prized in Tibet for many centuries, reputed to hold supernatural power
 huā gǔ flower drum, a type of double-skinned Chinese drum / folk dance popular in provinces around the middle reaches of the Yangtze / (bicycle wheel) hub
 xiāo kě condition characterized by thirst, hunger, frequent urination and weight loss, identified in TCM with type 2 diabetes
 huó zì movable type
 nà dòu nattō, a type of fermented soybean, popular as a breakfast food in Japan
 gōng fu chá very concentrated type of tea drunk in Chaozhou, Fujian and Taiwan
 wáng king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great
 gōng fu chá very concentrated type of tea consumed in Chaozhou, Fujian and Taiwan / variant of 功夫茶[gong1 fu5 cha2]
 gǎn chèng a steelyard (a type of balance)
 zhǐ xíng paper matrix in which type is set
 Bì Shēng Bi Sheng (990-1051), inventor of movable type
 pí fú a type of large ant
 huó bǎn typography / movable type
 sè a type of standing harp, smaller than konghou 箜篌, with 5-25 strings
 bǐ dagger / ladle / ancient type of spoon
 zhá lever-style guillotine / to chop using this type of guillotine
 lì type of oak / stable (for horses)
 chěng an ancient type of clothing
 qióng (in ancient texts) type of bamboo sometimes used as a staff
 mǎo type of water plant / (dialect) loess hills
 páo (archaic) a type of deer
 kuā type of coarse silk / bag used to wrap silk before washing
 huó zì yìn shuā printing with movable type
 bǐng Ikat, a type of woven silk / Kasuri
 mài xiàng condition or type of pulse (in Chinese medicine)
 Yóu ěr qīn kē Yurchenko (name) / Natalia Yurchenko (1965-), Russian gymnast / Yurchenko, a type of jump-off for vaulting
 bái tǐ lean type
尿 dì èr xíng táng niào bìng Type 2 diabetes
尿 dì yī xíng táng niào bìng Type 1 diabetes
 yè xīn type page
 yuán hé xì bāo xíng wēi shēng wù prokaryotic cell type microorganism
 zhuā fàn pilau / pilaf / a type of food popular among Muslims
 luó bo gāo fried radish cake (a type of dim sum, commonly called "turnip cake")
 bǐng xíng type C / type III / gamma-
 zhōng xìng lì xì bāo neutrophil (the most common type of white blood cell)
 yǐ xíng type B / type II / beta-
 yǐ zhǒng beta- or type 2
 zhài wù dān bǎo zhèng quàn collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond
 zhài wù zhèng quàn debt security / collateralized debt obligation (CDO), type of bond
 dòng néng chē car with a new type of propulsion system (hybrid, hydrogen-powered etc)
 shì jiǎn xìng lì xì bāo basophil granulocytes (rarest type of white blood cell)
 xiǎo tūn shì xì bāo microphage (a type of white blood cell)
 shǎo tū jiāo zhì oligodendrocytes (Greek: cells with few branches), a type of cell in central nervous system / oligodendroglia
 jī xián lèi hammered string type (of musical instrument)
 xié cháng shí plagioclase (rock-forming mineral, type of feldspar)
 pǔ tōng jiǎo shǎn shí hornblende (rock-forming mineral, type of amphibole)
 mù zhòu type of wood used to make punting poles for boats (old)
 lì archaic variant of 櫪|枥, oak / type of tree in ancient books / stable (for horses)
 mó shì biāo běn type specimen (used to define a species)
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