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仿 fǎng fú to seem / as if / alike / similar
 lèi sì similar / analogous
 xiāng sì to resemble / similar / like / resemblance / similarity
 tóng lèi similar / same type / alike
 jìn sì similar / about the same as / approximately / approximation
仿 xiāng fǎng similar
 xiāng xiàng to resemble one another / to be alike / similar
 tóng like / same / similar / together / alike / with
 lèi kind / type / class / category / similar / like / to resemble
 chà bù lí not much different / similar / ordinary / nearly
 xiào similar / resembling / to resemble / to be like
 móu similar / comparable / equal
 shù jī similar / almost / if only / maybe
 xiāng lèi similar
 chóng yàng same / similar / same type
 tóng kuǎn similar (model) / merchandise similar to that used by a celebrity etc
 nà ge that one / that thing / that (as opposed to this) / (used before a verb or adjective for emphasis) / (used to humorously or indirectly refer to sth embarrassing, funny etc, or when one can't think of the right word) / (used in speech as a filler, similar to "umm", "you know" etc) / (euph.) menstruation / sex / also pr. [nei4 ge5]
 yǒu rú to be like sth / similar to / alike
 yóu rú similar to / appearing to be
 gōng ān jú public security bureau (government office similar in function to a police station)
 fú róng hibiscus / cotton rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) / lotus / foo yung (Chinese dish similar to an omelet)
 ā yí maternal aunt / step-mother / childcare worker / nursemaid / woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 kāi běn book format, similar to in-4°, in-8° / etc (a 16开 / format is roughly A4) / abbr. to 開|开[kai1]
 xiāng jìn close / similar to
 tóng gǎn (have the) same feeling / similar impression / common feeling
 lǎo yīng (coll.) eagle / hawk / any similar bird of prey
 xíng sì similar in shape and appearance
 wǔ zǐ qí five-in-a-row (game similar to tic-tac-toe) / Japanese: gomoku / gobang
 shén sì similar in expression and spirit / to bear a remarkable resemblance to
 màn tuó luó flower of north India (Datura stramonium, Sanskrit: mandara), considered sacred and grown in temples, similar to belladonna
 jūn qí land battle chess, Chinese board game similar to Stratego
 dié xiān form of divination similar to the Ouija board, in which participants use their forefingers to push a small saucer over a sheet of paper inscribed with numerous Chinese characters
 guǎn to take care (of) / to control / to manage / to be in charge of / to look after / to run / to care about / tube / pipe / woodwind / classifier for tube-shaped objects / particle similar to 把[ba3] in 管...叫 / constructions / writing brush / (coll.) to / towards
 liǔ qín liuqin lute, smaller version of the pipa 琵琶, with holes in the soundbox, and range similar to that of a violin
 jiào pái to bid (bridge and similar card games)
 lín woods / forest / CL:片[pian4] / circle(s) (i.e. specific group of people) / a collection (of similar things)
 tóng lèi chǎn pǐn similar product
 guī líng gāo turtle jelly, medicine made with powdered turtle shell and herbs / a similar product made without turtle shell and consumed as a dessert
 hū (classical particle similar to 於|于[yu2]) in / at / from / because / than / (classical final particle similar to 嗎|吗[ma5], 吧[ba5], 呢[ne5], expressing question, doubt or astonishment)
 dú to read / to study / reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音[pin1 yin1]
 zuò seat / base / stand / CL:個|个[ge4] / classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects
 jí ěr dá gelada (Theropithecus gelada), Ethiopian herbivorous monkey similar to baboon
 chóng lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar creatures / CL:條|条[tiao2],隻|只[zhi1] / person with a particular undesirable characteristic
 li (modal final particle similar to 呢[ne5] or 啦[la5])
 yǐ classical final particle, similar to modern 了[le5]
 lo (final particle similar to 了, indicating that sth is obvious)
 xī (particle in old Chinese similar to 啊)
 xiāo xiao, a Chinese musical instrument of ancient times, similar to panpipes
 gá phonetic ga (used in rendering Tibetan and Mongolian sounds) / Tibetan Ge: language of Buddha / (dialect) final particle similar to 了[le5] (esp. in Yunnan)
 yú (literary) (final particle similar to 吗[ma5], 呢[ne5] or 啊[a1])
 yú free reed wind instrument similar to the sheng 笙[sheng1], used in ancient China
 lei sentence-final particle similar to 了[le5], but carrying a tone of approval
 é zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria), plant rhizome similar to turmeric
 ā phonetic a, similar to 呵 / -azine, see 吖嗪[a1 qin2]
 cōng stone similar to jade
 bù zhī fán jǐ one can't tell how many / numerous similar cases
 wù yǐ lèi jù similar things come together (idiom) / like draws like / Birds of a feather flock together.
 fán plant similar to coco-grass 莎草[suo1 cao3] (classical)
 yǐ cǐ lèi tuī and so on / in a similar fashion
 jiào old variant of 叫[jiao4] / ancient musical instrument similar to ocarina
仿 fǎng rú like / similar to / as if
 shī wěi fèi gelada (Theropithecus gelada), Ethiopian herbivorous monkey similar to baboon / also written 吉爾達|吉尔达[ji2 er3 da2]
 lài (modal particle similar to 呢[ne5] or 啦[la1])
 zhī yǔ liú yì lit. branches and descendants / of a similar kind / related
 liú bèi a contemporary / similar class of people
 hún rú very similar
 wù yǐ lèi jù , rén yǐ qún fēn Similar things group together, similar people fit together (idiom) / Birds of a feather flock together.
 fú lèi fú yīn synoptic gospels (i.e. Matthew, Mark and Luke, with similar accounts and chronology)
 zǐ cài bāo fàn gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi) / kimbap
 xuè lán sù hemocyanin (protein in the blood of molluscs etc with a respiratory function similar to hemoglobin)
 yè a kind of bird similar to pheasant
  International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions
  Slavery Convention / Slavery, Servitude, Forced Labour and Similar Institutions and Practices Convention
 běi jīng zhǔn zé Guidelines for the Establishment and Development of National Coordinating Committees on Disability or Similar Bodies / Beijing Guidelines
  Convention concerning Working Conditions in Hotels, Restaurants and similar Establishments
 yáng guǎi children's game, similar to knucklebones
 zhū zǎi bāo a French-style bread, similar to a small baguette, commonly seen in Hong Kong and Macao
 yǒu dé yī bǐ can be compared / to be very similar
 chuò ancient name for an animal similar to rabbit but bigger
 guà bāo popular Taiwan snack, similar to a hamburger, steamed bun stuffed with pork, pickled vegetables, peanut powder and cilantro
 piàn jū mythical beast similar to an ape with dog's head
 hǎi guā zǐ Tellina iridescens (a bivalve mollusk) / any similar small clam
 bǐ làn to compare two unsatisfactory things / to argue that others have similar or worse faults (as a response to criticism) / whataboutery
 dòng dòng xié Crocs shoes (or any similar shoe)
 huā yuán xié Crocs shoes (or any similar shoe)
 là tiáo spicy sticks, a snack food similar to beef jerky but made with flour or dried beancurd instead of meat
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