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 quán zhèng warrant (finance)
 wěi tuō shū commission / proxy / power of attorney / authorization / warrant
 lìng to order / to command / an order / warrant / writ / to cause / to make sth happen / virtuous / honorific title / season / government position (old)
 jū piào warrant (for arrest)
 shòu quán lìng warrant (law)
 rèn gǔ quán shū warrant
 shì guān warrant officer / petty officer / noncommissioned officer (NCO) / Japanese military officer
 zhǔn wèi warrant officer
 píng dān bill of warrant (certificate, allowing one to collect money or valuables)
 dài bǔ zhèng arrest warrant
 sōu chá zhèng search warrant
 sōu chá lìng search warrant
 sōu zhèng search warrant / to look for evidence
 shēng yā to apply to a court for an arrest warrant
 qū zhú líng banishment order / expulsion warrant
 yī jí zhǔn wèi chief warrant officer
  John Doe warrant
  warrant of seizure
  warrant of seizure
 sōu suǒ piào search warrant (Tw)
 qū zhú lìng banishment order / expulsion warrant
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