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 nà ge that one / that thing / that (as opposed to this) / (used before a verb or adjective for emphasis) / (used to humorously or indirectly refer to sth embarrassing, funny etc, or when one can't think of the right word) / (used in speech as a filler, similar to "umm", "you know" etc) / (euph.) menstruation / sex / also pr. [nei4 ge5]
 nà zhǒng that / that kind of / that sort of / that type of
 rú guǒ if / in case / in the event that
 jiù shì (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated) / precisely / exactly / even / if / just like / in the same way as
 nà me like that / in that way / or so / so / so very much / about / in that case
 yǐ shàng that level or higher / that amount or more / the above-mentioned / (used to indicate that one has completed one's remarks) That is all.
 rán hòu after / then (afterwards) / after that / afterwards
 yǐ xià that level or lower / that amount or less / the following
 shèn zhì even / so much so that
 dāng shí then / at that time / while
 gǎn dào to feel / to sense / to have the feeling that / to think that / to move / to affect
 kàn lai apparently / it seems that
 nà yàng that kind / that sort
 jìng rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / in spite of everything / in that crazy way / actually / to go as far as to
 jí kě equivalent to 就可以 / can then (do sth) / can immediately (do sth) / (do sth) and that will suffice
 chéng le to be done / to be ready / that's enough! / that will do!
 nán dào don't tell me ... / could it be that...?
 zhèng shì (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated) / precisely / exactly / even / if / just like / in the same way as
 nà li there / that place
 jiù suàn granted that / even if
 jiā shàng plus / to put in / to add / to add on / to add into / in addition / on top of that
 yǐ wéi to think (i.e. to take it to be true that ...) (Usually there is an implication that the notion is mistaken &ndash / except when expressing one's own current opinion.)
 dāng nián in those days / then / in those years / during that time
 dàng nián that very same year
怀 huái yí to doubt (sth) / to be skeptical of / to have one's doubts / to harbor suspicions / to suspect that
 kōng tiáo air conditioning / air conditioner (including units that have a heating mode) / CL:臺|台[tai2]
 chuán shuō legend / folklore / to repeat from mouth to mouth / they say that...
 nà tiān that day / the other day
 yě jiù shì that is / i.e.
 kǒng pà fear / to dread / I'm afraid that... / perhaps / maybe
 nà shí then / at that time / in those days
 kàn qǐ lái seemingly / apparently / looks as if / appear to be / gives the impression that / seems on the face of it to be
 kàn qǐ lai seemingly / apparently / looks as if / appear to be / gives the impression that / seems on the face of it to be
便 biàn shì (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated) / precisely / exactly / even / if / just like / in the same way as
 zhèng hǎo just (in time) / just right / just enough / to happen to / to chance to / by chance / it just so happens that
 dāng chū at that time / originally
 jù shuō it is said that / reportedly
 dāng tiān on that day
 zhǐ bù guò it's just that ...
 zhǐ bu guò only / merely / nothing but / no more than / it's just that ...
便 yǐ biàn so that / so as to / in order to
 yí hàn regret / to regret / to be sorry that
 bù chéng won't do / unable to / (at the end of a rhetorical question) can that be?
 jiā yǐ in addition / moreover / (used before a disyllabic verb to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
 zú yǐ sufficient to... / so much so that / so that
 xiǎng bu dào unexpected / hard to imagine / it had not occurred to me / who could have thought that
 dé yǐ able to / so that sb can / enabling / in order to / finally in a position to / with sth in view
 yě jiù shì shuō in other words / that is to say / so / thus
 chú fēi only if (..., or otherwise, ...) / only when / only in the case that / unless
 píng jiè to rely on / to depend on / by means of / thanks to / sth that one relies on
 chū pǐn to produce an item / output / items that are produced
 huà shuō It is said that ... (at the start of a narrative) / to discuss / to recount
 dàng rì that very day / the same day
 dāng rì on that day
 nà shí hou at that time
 nà gè rén lit. that person / fig. the person you have been looking for / Mr Right / the girl of one's dreams
 piān piān (indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would wish) unfortunately / as it happened / (indicates that sth is the opposite of what would be normal or reasonable) stubbornly / contrarily / against reason / (indicates that sb or a group is singled out) precisely / only / of all people
 zhāo hu to call out to / to greet / to say hello to / to inform / to take care of / to take care that one does not
 dào shí hòu when the moment comes / at that time
 dāng xià immediately / at once / at that moment / at the moment
 jiǎ shè to suppose / to presume / to assume / supposing that ... / if / hypothesis / conjecture
 xiǎng lái it may be assumed that
 shí tǐ entity / substance / thing that has a material existence (as opposed to a conceptual, virtual or online existence) / the real thing (as opposed to an image or model of it)
 lǐng dǎo xiǎo zǔ leading small group (LSG), a CPC body that exercises general oversight on matters relating to a specific area (LSG for foreign affairs 外事工作, LSG for comprehensively deepening reforms 全面深化改革 / etc) / aka central leading group
 dào shí at that (future) time
 jì shì is both ...(and...) / since / as / being the case that
 ér hòu after that / then
 yīng gāi shuō it should be mentioned that ...
 míng yuè bright moon / refers to 夜明珠, a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark / CL:輪|轮[lun2]
 yuán fèn fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 shì r one's employment / business / matter that needs to be settled / (northern dialect) (of a person) demanding / trying / troublesome / erhua variant of 事[shi4] / CL:件[jian4],樁|桩[zhuang1]
 fú xiàn to appear before one's eyes / to come into view / to float into appearance / to come back (of images from the past) / to emerge / it emerges / it occurs (to me that..)
 qí jiān in between / within that interval / in the meantime
 zhǐ pà I'm afraid that... / perhaps / maybe / very likely
 zěn me huí shì what's the matter? / what's going on? / how could that be? / how did that come about? / what's it all about?
 jiàn yú in view of / seeing that / considering / whereas
 mò fēi can it be possible that / could it be
 qí hòu next / later / after that
 gù rán admittedly (it's true that...)
 dāng wǎn on that evening
 yǐ zhì yú down to / up to / to the extent that...
 jiù shì shuō in other words / that is
 tǎng ruò provided that / supposing that / if
 jiā zhī moreover / in addition to that
 zài na r (adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else) / just ...ing (and nothing else)
 shēng pà to fear / afraid / extremely nervous / for fear that / to avoid / so as not to
 qí suǒ its place / one's appointed place / the place for that
 guī shǔ to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
 kǒu fú to take medicine orally / oral (contraceptive etc) / to say that one is convinced
 xiāng chuán to pass on / to hand down / tradition has it that ... / according to legend
 yóu cǐ kě jiàn from this, it can be seen that...
 kě xiǎng ér zhī it is obvious that... / as one can well imagine...
 què xìn to be convinced / to be sure / to firmly believe / to be positive that / definite news
 jiē zhe to catch and hold on / to continue / to go on to do sth / to follow / to carry on / then / after that / subsequently / to proceed / to ensue / in turn / in one's turn
 yuán fèn also written 緣分|缘分 / fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 yī rén (literary) that person (usually female) / she / one's intended
 chú guì cupboard / cupboard that can also be used as a table / sideboard
 hé cháng (rhetorical question) when? / how? / it's not that...
 dāng yuè on that month
 zhuān chéng specifically / specially (for that purpose)
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