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 hòu huǐ to regret / to repent
 yí hàn regret / to regret / to be sorry that
 xīn téng to love dearly / to feel sorry for sb / to regret / to grudge / to be distressed
 wǎn xī to regret / to feel that it is a great pity / to feel sorry for sb
 hèn to hate / to regret
 qiàn yì apology / regret
 ào huǐ to feel remorse / to repent / to regret
 quē hàn a regret / sth regrettable
 huǐ guò to regret / to repent
 cán niàn (coll.) to regret / what a pity! (loanword from Japanese "zannen")
 huǐ to regret
 qiàn to apologize / to regret / deficient
 hàn regret (sense of loss or dissatisfaction)
 chàn feel remorse / regret / repent
 ào to regret
 shī huǐ to regret / to feel remorse
 zì huǐ to regret / to repent
 chī hòu huǐ yào (fig.) to regret (doing sth)
 yuàn yì to resent / to regret / grudge
 gǎn kǎi to sigh with sorrow, regret etc / rueful / deeply moved
 yī yī to regret leaving / reluctant to part / (onom.) young leaves stir gently in the wind
 zhì qiàn to apologize / to express regret
 kǎi tàn to sigh with regret / lament
 hàn shì a matter for regret / sth that is a (great) pity
 yí hèn eternal regret
 huǐ bù dāng chū to regret one's past deeds (idiom)
 tàn xī sigh of regret
 fǎn gù to glance back / fig. to regret / to have second thoughts about sth
 hèn shì a matter for regret or resentment
 bào hèn to have a gnawing regret
 wǎn to sigh in regret or pity / Taiwan pr. [wan4]
 xiāng jiàn hèn wǎn to regret not having met earlier (idiom) / It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
 sǐ ér wú huǐ to die without regret (idiom, from Analects)
 zhōng tiān zhī hèn eternal regret
 hài exclamation of regret
 zǎo zhī jīn rì hé bì dāng chū if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom) / to regret vainly one's past behavior
 shí jīng hèn wǎn It is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner
 jī hèn to have a gnawing regret
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