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 jìng rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / in spite of everything / in that crazy way / actually / to go as far as to
 jū rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / go so far as to
 bù liào unexpectedly / to one's surprise
 qià qiǎo fortunately / unexpectedly / by coincidence
 lèng to look distracted / to stare blankly / distracted / blank / (coll.) unexpectedly / rash / rashly
 bù xiǎng unexpectedly
 wú yì zhōng accidentally / unintentionally / unexpectedly
 shéi zhī lit. who knows / who would have thought / unexpectedly / unpredictably
 mò de suddenly / unexpectedly
 dǒu rán suddenly / unexpectedly / abruptly / precipitously / stumbling
 nǎ zhī who would have imagined? / unexpectedly
 lěng bu fáng unexpectedly / suddenly / at unawares / off guard / against expectations
 bù qī unexpectedly / to one's surprise
 shú liào who would have thought? / who could have imagined? / unexpectedly
 bù wèi cannot be deemed / unexpectedly
 jìng unexpectedly / actually / to go so far as to / indeed
 suì to satisfy / to succeed / then / thereupon / finally / unexpectedly / to proceed / to reach
 dǒu steep / precipitous / abrubtly / suddenly / unexpectedly
 tǎng if / unexpectedly
 bù yì unexpectedly / unawareness / unpreparedness
 měng bù fáng suddenly / unexpectedly / taken by surprise / at unawares
 měng zhà suddenly / unexpectedly
 duān rán upright / finally / unexpectedly
 mò dì lǐ suddenly / unexpectedly
 chōu lěng zi (coll.) unexpectedly
 jīng xiàn to appear unexpectedly
 bào chū to burst out / to appear unexpectedly / to break (media story)
 cóng tiān ér jiàng lit. to drop from the sky (idiom) / fig. to appear unexpectedly / to arise abruptly / out of the blue / to drop into one's lap
 héng shēng to grow without restraint / overflowing with / to happen unexpectedly
 hū wén to hear suddenly / to learn of sth unexpectedly
 hòu to meet unexpectedly
 xiè to meet unexpectedly
 gòu complete / meet unexpectedly / see
 gòu meet unexpectedly
 fēng huí lù zhuǎn the mountain road twists around each new peak (idiom) / (of a mountain road) twisting and turning / fig. an opportunity has come unexpectedly / things have taken a new turn
 bù qī rán ér rán happen unexpectedly / turn out contrary to one's expectations
 wú fēng sān chǐ làng lit. large waves in windless conditions (idiom) / fig. trouble arising unexpectedly
 què dào but on the contrary / but unexpectedly
 bàn lù shā chū gè Chéng Yǎo jīn lit. Cheng Yaojin ambushes the enemy (saying) / fig. sb shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan / sb whose presence is regarded as irksome
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