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 wán quán complete / whole / totally / entirely
 wán chéng to complete / to accomplish
 quán bù whole / entire / complete
 wán zhěng complete / intact
 chè dǐ thorough / thoroughly / complete
 qí quán complete / comprehensive
 wán bì to finish / to end / to complete
 shí zú ample / complete / hundred percent / a pure shade (of some color)
 wán bèi faultless / complete / perfect / to leave nothing to be desired
 wán to finish / to be over / whole / complete / entire
 dà quán all-inclusive / complete / comprehensive collection
 quán fāng wèi all around / omnidirectional / complete / holistic / comprehensive
 tōng tōng all / entire / complete
 chéng quán to help sb accomplish his aim / to help sb succeed / to complete / to make whole / to round off
 qí bèi all ready / available / complete
 bàn tuǒ to arrange / to settle / to complete / to carry through
 jìn jiē all / without exception / complete / whole / entirely
 chéng to succeed / to finish / to complete / to accomplish / to become / to turn into / to be all right / OK! / one tenth
 zhōu xiáng meticulous / thorough / comprehensive / complete / detailed
 shí quán perfect / complete
 quán all / whole / entire / every / complete
 hú lún complete / whole
 shí zú full / complete / all of
 zhěng exactly / in good order / whole / complete / entire / in order / orderly / to repair / to mend / to renovate / (coll.) to fix sb / to give sb a hard time / to mess with sb
 bì the whole of / to finish / to complete / complete / full / finished
 jùn complete / finish
 lún complete
 gāi complete / full
 gòu complete / meet unexpectedly / see
 chǎn to complete / to prepare
 wán quán bù ěr dài shù complete
 pèi tào to form a complete set / coherent
 chéng jiāo to complete a contract / to reach a deal
 quán jí omnibus / complete works (of a writer or artist)
 jùn gōng to complete a project
 zuò wán to finish / to complete the task
 bù zhī suǒ cuò not knowing what to do (idiom) / at one's wits' end / embarrassed and at a complete loss
 chéng tào forming a complete set / complementing one another
 wán gōng to finish work / to complete a project
 shuō hǎo to come to an agreement / to complete negotiations
 kōng dàng dàng absolutely empty (space) / complete vacuum
 yī tā hú tu muddled and completely collapsing (idiom) / in an awful condition / complete shambles / a total mess
 quán yuán complete personnel / fully manned
 luò chéng to complete a construction project
 lěng mén a neglected branch (of arts, science, sports etc) / fig. a complete unknown who wins a competition
 jié yè to finish school, esp. a short course / to complete a course
 quán jūn fù mò total defeat of an army (idiom) / fig. a complete wipeout
 hú to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards
 shí quán shí měi complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
 jù quán every kind / every variety under the sun / a complete gamut
 fān tiān fù dì sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom) / fig. complete confusion / everything turned on its head
 tiān fān dì fù sky and the earth turning upside down (idiom) / fig. complete confusion / everything turned on its head
 quán mào complete picture / full view
 líng luàn in disorder / a complete mess
 láng jí in a mess / scattered about / in complete disorder
 luàn zāo zāo chaotic / topsy turvy / a complete mess
 sì fēn wǔ liè all split up and in pieces (idiom) / disunity (in an organization) / complete lack of unity / to disintegrate / falling apart / to be at sixes and sevens
 xiáng shí complete and accurate
 yī fǎn cháng tài complete change from the normal state (idiom) / quite uncharacteristic / entirely outside the norm / out of character
 yī tuán zāo chaos / bungle / complete mess / shambles
 wú jī zhī tán complete nonsense (idiom)
 huā jiǎ complete sexagenary cycle / a 60 year-old person / passage of time
 yī yì focus / with complete devotion / stubbornly
 rén yǎng mǎ fān to suffer a crushing defeat (idiom) / in a pitiful state / in a complete mess / to roll (with laughter)
 shēn bài míng liè to lose one's standing / to have one's reputation swept away / a complete defeat and fall from grace
 sù mèi píng shēng to have never met sb before (idiom) / entirely unacquainted / a complete stranger / not to know sb from Adam
 yī guō zhōu (lit.) a pot of porridge / (fig.) a complete mess
 tǒng xiá to govern / to have complete control over / to be in command of
 yī wèn sān bù zhī lit. to reply "don't know" whatever the question (idiom) / fig. absolutely no idea of what's going on / complete ignorance
 sǎo wěi to complete the last stage of work / to round off
 hé lóng closure (civil engineering) / join of segments to complete a project (dam, bridge, dike etc)
 zú yè to complete a course of study (old) / to graduate
 dà bāo dà lǎn to take complete charge (idiom)
 mèn hú lu lit. closed gourd / fig. enigma / complete mystery / taciturn person
 rèn zéi zuò fù lit. to acknowledge the bandit as one's father (idiom) / fig. a complete betrayal / to sell oneself to the enemy
稿 tuō gǎo to complete a draft / to put out a manuscript
 bēi pán láng jí cups and dishes in complete disorder (idiom) / after a riotous drinking party
 jiā shēng fàn half-cooked rice / (fig.) half-finished job that is difficult to complete because it was not done properly in the first instance / Taiwan pr. [jia4 sheng5 fan4]
 pū xù to explain all the details / complete narrative
 miàn mù yī xīn complete change (idiom) / facelift / We're in a wholly new situation.
 yī gǎi gù zhé complete change from the old rut (idiom) / dramatic change of direction / a volte-face / to change old practices
 wǔ wèi jù quán a complete gamut of all five flavors (idiom) / every flavor under the sun
 wǔ wèi jū quán a complete gamut of all five flavors (idiom) / every flavor under the sun
 duò yún wù zhōng lit. to become lost in a fog (idiom) / fig. at a complete loss
 tiān yuān zhī bié a complete contrast / totally different
 wǎ jiě bīng pàn complete disintegration
 kōng kōng dàng dàng absolutely empty (space) / complete vacuum
 mù wú fǎ jì with no regard for law or discipline (idiom) / flouting the law and disregarding all rules / in complete disorder
 quán miàn jìn zhǐ complete prohibition / total ban
 quán fèn complete set
 quán xiū complete rest (after an illness)
 liǎng qīng loan settled (business term) / business complete to the satisfaction of both parties
 xíng mǎn to complete a prison sentence
 jī běn wán chéng fundamentally complete / basically finished
 wán quán guī nà tuī lǐ inference by complete induction
 wán quán yù fù complete recovery (after illness)
 bù lu:3 wěn luàn to be in complete disorder
 zhì rán bù wěn to be in complete order (idiom)
 zú běn unabridged / complete book
 má què suī xiǎo , wǔ zàng jù quán The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there (idiom). / small but complete in every detail
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