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 zhěng qí orderly / neat / even / tidy
 jǐng a well / CL:口[kou3] / neat / orderly
 yǒu xù regular / orderly / successive / in order
 zhèng zhèng neat / orderly / just in time
 chuán lìng bīng orderly
 guī zhěng according to a pattern / regular / orderly / structured / neat and tidy
 yán zhěng (of troops) in neat formation / (fig.) orderly
 yǒu bǎn yǒu yǎn orderly / methodical / rhythmical
 zhěng exactly / in good order / whole / complete / entire / in order / orderly / to repair / to mend / to renovate / (coll.) to fix sb / to give sb a hard time / to mess with sb
 shùn liu orderly / tidy / smooth
 chǔ distinct / clear / orderly / pain / suffering / deciduous bush used in Chinese medicine (genus Vitex) / punishment cane (old)
 jǐng jǐng orderly / tidy
 zhǎn qí orderly / tidy
 ān dìng stable / quiet / settled / stabilize / maintain / stabilized / calm and orderly
 jǐng jǐng yǒu tiáo everything clear and orderly (idiom) / neat and tidy
 qín wù service / duties / an orderly (military)
 qín wù bīng army orderly
 qín wù yuán odd job man / army orderly
 yǒu tiáo yǒu lǐ everything clear and orderly (idiom) / neat and tidy
 qín zá odd jobs / servant or army orderly doing odd jobs
 fū chén to give an orderly account / a thorough narrative
 tiáo chàng orderly and logical (of writing) / luxuriant / flourishing / prosperous
 hù lǐ yuán medical orderly
 bù duì bàn gōng shì Force Orderly Room
 yǒu zhì xù lí jìng fāng àn Orderly Departure Programme
  orderly marketing arrangements
  orderly room
  Orderly Repatriation Programme
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