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 quán bù whole / entire / complete
 zhěng gè whole / entire / total
 yī one / 1 / single / a (article) / as soon as / entire / whole / all / throughout / "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) / also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit
 wán to finish / to be over / whole / complete / entire
 quán qiú entire / total / global / the (whole) world / worldwide
 quán tǐ all / entire
 zǒng tǐ completely / totally / total / entire / overall / population (statistics)
 tōng tōng all / entire / complete
 zhěng tiáo entire / whole (fish, road etc)
 quán all / whole / entire / every / complete
 zhěng exactly / in good order / whole / complete / entire / in order / orderly / to repair / to mend / to renovate / (coll.) to fix sb / to give sb a hard time / to mess with sb
 quán bān entire
 zhěng tǐ whole entity / entire body / synthesis / as a whole (situation, construction, team etc) / global / macrocosm / integral / holistic / whole
 quán wén entire text / full text
 quán shì jiè worldwide / entire world
 quán shū entire book / unabridged book / entire multi-volume work / comprehensive volume
 quán tào an entire set / full complement
 quán mín entire population (of a country)
 tǒng chóu an overall plan / to plan an entire project as a whole
 shēng píng life (a person's whole life) / in one's entire life
 zhěng tào entire set
 quán shù the entire sum / the whole amount
 chéng lǎn to contract for an entire project
 zhōng nián entire year / throughout the year / age at death
 tōng tǐ (of sb or sth) whole or entire body
 xī shù all / every single one / the entire sum
 quán jiā fú photograph of the entire family / hodgepodge (cookery)
 jǔ guó the entire country
 miè mén to exterminate an entire family
 hé jiā whole family / entire household
 qián yīn hòu guǒ cause and effects (idiom) / entire process of development
 nián hào reign title / era name (name for either the entire reign of an emperor or one part of it) / year number (such as 2016 or 甲子)
 miè zú extermination of an entire family (ancient Chinese punishment)
 tuī xīn zhì fù to give one's bare heart into sb else's keeping (idiom) / sb has one's absolute confidence / to trust completely / to confide in sb with entire sincerity
 jǔ guó shàng xià the entire nation / the whole country, from the leadership to the rank and file
 mí tiān filling the entire sky / covering everything (of fog, crime, disaster etc)
 sì hǎi wéi jiā to regard the four corners of the world all as home (idiom) / to feel at home anywhere / to roam about unconstrained / to consider the entire country, or world, to be one's own
 fù kě dí guó having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation (idiom) / extremely wealthy
 màn yán quán guó to spread throughout the entire country
 quán mín jiē bīng to bring the entire nation to arms (idiom)
 gū duī r to assess an entire lot
 dān xīn to devote one's entire mind
  total allowable catch / entire allowable catch
 quán péi tour escort (throughout the entire tour)
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