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 yī qiè everything / every / all
 fán shì each and every / every / all / any
 gè each / every
 měi each / every
 gè gè every / various / separately, one by one
 měi yī every
 měi gé at intervals of / every (so often)
 xíng xíng sè sè all kinds of / all sorts of / every (different) kind of
 jǔ fán such things as ... / examples including ... (etc) / without exception / every / any
 yī yīng all / every
 quán all / whole / entire / every / complete
 lì to experience / to undergo / to pass through / all / each / every / history
 gè zhǒng every kind of / all kinds of / various kinds
 měi tiān every day / everyday
 měi cì every time
 měi nián every year / each year / yearly
 tiān tiān every day
 gè guó each country / every country / various countries
 měi zhōu every week
 rén rén everyone / every person
 quán guó gè dì every part of the country
 gè gè each one individually / each and every
 měi dāng whenever / every time / on every
 bù bù step by step / at every step
 lì qiú to make every effort to / striving to do one's best
 quán néng omnipotent / all-round / strong in every area
 rì qū (increasing) day by day / (more critical) with every passing day / gradually
 rì yuè the sun and moon / day and month / every day and every month / season / life and livelihood
 nián nián year after year / yearly / every year / annually
 gè chù every place
 qiān fāng bǎi jì lit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom) / by every possible means
 diǎn diǎn dī dī bit by bit / dribs and drabs / the little details / every aspect
 yī jǔ yī dòng every movement / each and every move
 měi féng every time / on each occasion / whenever
 rì rì every day
 bǎi bān in hundred and one ways / in every possible way / by every means
 gè sè all kinds / of every description
 yè yè every night
 xiǎng fāng shè fǎ to think up every possible method (idiom) / to devise ways and means / to try this, that and the other
 gè háng gè yè every trade / all professions / all walks of life
 yuè yuè every month
 wàn bān every kind / manifold / extremely
 wàn xiàng every manifestation of nature
 dòng zhé easily / readily / frequently / at every turn / at the slightest pretext
 wǔ yán liù sè multi-colored / every color under the sun
 yī diǎn yī dī bit by bit / every little bit
 rì xīn yuè yì daily renewal, monthly change (idiom) / every day sees new developments / rapid progress
 huí huí time and again / every time
 xī shù all / every single one / the entire sum
 qiān qí bǎi guài fantastic oddities of every description (idiom)
 wú wēi bù zhì in every possible way (idiom) / meticulous
 qiān jiā wàn hù every family (idiom)
 jù quán every kind / every variety under the sun / a complete gamut
 yī bǎ zhuā to attempt all tasks at once / to manage every detail regardless of its importance
 liú cuàn to roam all over the place / to go into every nook and corner / to infiltrate / (of criminals, enemies etc) to be on the run / to flee and try to hide
 jīn jīn jì jiào to haggle over every ounce / (fig.) to fuss over minor matters / to split hairs
 bǎi bìng every illness
 dàn fán every single / as long as
 jiā jiā hù hù each and every family (idiom) / every household
 zhāo zhāo every day (archaic)
 zhàn wú bù shèng to triumph in every battle (idiom) / invincible / to succeed in every undertaking
 yǔ guò tiān qíng sky clears after rain / new hopes after a disastrous period (idiom) / every cloud has a silver lining (idiom) / see also 雨過天青|雨过天青[yu3 guo4 tian1 qing1]
 quán guó dài biǎo dà huì national general congress / Communist party national congress, in recent times every five years
 qí xíng guài zhuàng fantastic oddities of every description (idiom) / grotesquely shaped
 yún yún zhòng shēng every living being (Buddhism) / the mass of common people
 yī yán yī xíng every word and action (idiom)
 bù bù wéi yíng to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step / to consolidate at every step
 zhū shì everything / every matter
 bèi zhì to the utmost / in every possible way
 sān tiān liǎng tóu lit. twice every three days (idiom) / practically every day / frequently
 bǎi zhàn bǎi shèng to emerge victorious in every battle / to be ever-victorious
 yǒu qiú bì yìng to grant whatever is asked for / to accede to every plea
 tóu jī qǔ qiǎo to seize every opportunity / to be full of tricks
 bǎi shòu all creatures / every kind of animal
 mǎn zuò fully booked / every seat taken
 hán xīn rú kǔ to suffer every possible torment (idiom) / bitter hardship / to bear one's cross
 zhēng fēn duó miǎo lit. fight minutes, snatch seconds (idiom) / a race against time / making every second count
 míng mù fán duō names of many kinds (idiom) / items of every description
 yǒu kǒu jiē bēi every voice gives praise (idiom) / with an extensive public reputation
 jiàn fèng chā zhēn lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom) / fig. to make use of every second and every inch
 gé sān chà wǔ every few days (idiom)
 tǐ tiē rù wēi to show every possible consideration (idiom) / meticulous care
 wú wǎng bù lì to be successful in every endeavor
 cǎo mù jiē bīng lit. every tree or bush an enemy soldier (idiom) / fig. to panic and treat everyone as an enemy / to feel beleaguered
 hǎo shuō dǎi shuō to try one's very best to persuade sb (idiom) / to reason with sb in every way possible
 bǎi nián bù yù only met with once every hundred years (drought, flood etc)
 zhǐ zhēng zhāo xī to seize every minute (idiom) / to make the best use of one's time
 wàn rén kōng xiàng the multitudes come out from everywhere, emptying every alleyway (to celebrate) / the whole town turns out
 zǒng always / to assemble / gather / total / overall / head / chief / general / in every case
 quán guó yùn dòng huì National Games, Chinese athletics competition, organized every four years since 1959
 wàn shì kāi tóu nán every beginning is difficult (idiom) / getting started is always the hardest part
 fēn miǎo bì zhēng seize every minute and second (idiom) / not a minute to lose / every moment counts
 zhōu yán exhaustive / distributed (logic: applies to every instance)
 sān bǎi liù shí háng all walks of life (idiom) / every trade
 Nóng yùn huì China National Farmers' Games (sports meeting for peasants held every 4 years since 1988)
 zì zhēn jù zhuó weighing every word
 mǎn guàn to win every trick in a card game / grand slam / fig. total success
 Kǒng lín the Confucius family mausoleum at Qufu 曲阜, rebuilt and extended by every dynasty
 zī zhū bì jiào to haggle over every cent (idiom)
 mǎn kēng mǎn gǔ (idiom) all over the place / in every nook and cranny / packed to the rafters
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