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 qīng yì easily / lightly / rashly
 shùn shǒu easily / without trouble / while one is at it / in passing / handy
 dòng zhé easily / readily / frequently / at every turn / at the slightest pretext
 fǎn shǒu to turn a hand over / to put one's hand behind one's back / fig. easily done
 dé xīn yìng shǒu lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job / entirely in one's element / going smoothly and easily
 yóu rèn yǒu yú handling a butcher's cleaver with ease (idiom) / to do sth skillfully and easily
 qīng xìn to easily trust / gullible / naïve
 bù yī not to comply / not to go along with / not to let off easily / not to let sb get away with it
 yíng rèn ér jiě lit. (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge (idiom) / fig. easily solved
 qīng qǔ to beat easily / to gain an easy victory
 yī cù ér jiù to get there in one step (idiom) / easily done / success at a stroke / to get results overnight
 yī pāi jí hé lit. to be together from the first beat (idiom) / to hit it off / to click together / to chime in easily
 qiáng tóu cǎo sb who goes whichever way the wind blows / sb with no mind of one's own / easily swayed person / opportunist
 zào easily provoked, hasty / fierce, cruel
 jīng gōng zhī niǎo lit. a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (idiom) / fig. sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences
 yī cù ér dé to get there in one step (idiom) / easily done / success at a stroke / to get results overnight
 tuò shǒu kě dé easily obtained / readily available
 luò luò nán hé a loner / someone who does not easily get along with others
 qīng ráo sù fàng easily forgive, simply release (idiom) / to let sb off scot free
鹿 mǎ lù yì xíng to distinguish horse and deer easily / to know right from wrong
 sān xià wǔ chú èr three, set five remove two (abacus rule) / efficiently / quickly and easily
 fǔ shí jiē shì lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom) / fig. extremely common / easily available
 kě qī gullible / easily bullied / weak
 yī cù jí zhì to get there in one step (idiom) / easily done / success at a stroke / to get results overnight
 bù qīng ráo not to forgive easily / not to let off / (You, He) won't get away with it!
 jiǒng chè bright and easily understood / clear / transparent
 chuǎn bu guò to be unable to breathe easily
 cuò zhì yù rú to handle easily (idiom) / effortless
 yì shǒu nán gōng easily guarded, hard to attack
 yì lǐ jiě easy to grasp / easily understood
 nán rén xī xià yǒu huáng jīn lit. the man has gold under his knees / fig. a man who does not easily kneel in front of others (owing to pride or moral integrity)
 nán ér yǒu lèi bù qīng tán real men do not easily cry (idiom)
 jiǎo jiǎo zhě yì wū Virtue is easily sullied. (idiom)
 wěn shèng to beat comfortably / to win easily / abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp
 gǒu qiě tōu ān seeking only ease and comfort (idiom) / making no attempt to improve oneself / taking things easily without attending to responsibilities
 chì kǒu rì third day of the lunar year (inauspicious for visits because arguments happen easily on that day)
 tà pò tiě xié wú mì chù , dé lái quán bù fèi gōng fu to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily
 qīng ráo to forgive easily / to let off lightly (often with negative: you won't get away with it)
 jī kě luàn zhēn to seem almost genuine / easily mistaken for the real thing
 yě huǒ shāo bù jìn , chūn fēng chuī yòu shēng lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb) / fig. cannot be easily eliminated / abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风[ye3 huo3 chun1 feng1]
 yī kuī duān ní to infer easily / to guess at a glance / to get a clue
 lǎn rén bāo (Tw) (neologism c. 2007) information presented in easily assimilable form (digest, summary, infographic etc)
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