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 zhú jiàn gradually
 jiàn jiàn gradually
 rì qū (increasing) day by day / (more critical) with every passing day / gradually
 huǎn bù to walk slowly / to amble along / gradually / slowly
 rǎn rǎn gradually / slowly / softly drooping (branches, hair)
 jiàn cì gradually / one by one
 zhú cì gradually / one after another / little by little
 jiàn gradual / gradually
 jìn to immerse / to soak / to steep / gradually
 yī lái èr qù gradually / little by little / in the course of time
 yī diǎn yī diǎn little by little / bit by bit / gradually
 jī jiàn gradually
 chuí chuí gradually / to drop
 fán yǎn to multiply / to reproduce / to increase gradually in number or quantity
退 xiāo tuì to wane / to vanish gradually
 niàng chéng to form gradually / to lead to
 dì jiǎn progressively decreasing / gradually falling / in descending order
 jiàn qū to become more and more / to gradually become
 yǐn mò to vanish gradually / to disappear / to fade out
 bù bù wéi yíng to advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step / to consolidate at every step
 jìn rǎn to be contaminated / to be gradually influenced
 jiàn ruò to fade out / gradually weakening / diminuendo / decrescendo
 dì to hand over / to pass on sth / to gradually increase or decrease / progressively
 niàng to ferment / to brew / to make honey (of bees) / to lead to / to form gradually / wine / stuffed vegetables (cooking method)
 xùn to attain gradually / to tame / Taiwan pr. [xun2]
 shēng táng rù shì lit. to reach the main room and enter the chamber (idiom) / fig. to gradually attain proficiency / to attain a higher level
 jiàn xíng jiàn yuǎn gradually proceed, gradually get further apart
 zhú jiàn zēng jiā to increase gradually / to build up
 zhú jiàn fèi qì to abandon gradually
 zhú jiàn shuāi luò to decline gradually
 huǎn jiàng to decrease gradually / to descend gradually
 jiàn xī to thin out gradually / to become fainter and fainter
 jiàn màn to slow down gradually / slower and slower / (music) decelerando / ritardando
 jiàn kuài to speed up gradually / faster and faster / (music) accelerando
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