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 zhěng tǐ whole entity / entire body / synthesis / as a whole (situation, construction, team etc) / global / macrocosm / integral / holistic / whole
 hóng guān macro- / macroscopic / holistic
 quán fāng wèi all around / omnidirectional / complete / holistic / comprehensive
 wán xíng total form / coherent whole / Gestalt / holistic
 Gé sī tǎ Gestalt (loanword) / coherent whole / technical word used in psychology meaning the whole is more than the sum of its parts / holistic / integrated / total / also written 格式塔
 biàn zhèng lùn zhì holistic diagnosis and treatment (TCM)
 Gé shì tǎ liáo fǎ Gestalt therapy / holistic therapy
  holistic management of water
 zhěng tǐ fāng fǎ holistic approach
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