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 wán xíng total form / coherent whole / Gestalt / holistic
 Gé sī tǎ Gestalt (loanword) / coherent whole / technical word used in psychology meaning the whole is more than the sum of its parts / holistic / integrated / total / also written 格式塔
 gé shì tǎ Gestalt (loanword) / see 格斯塔[Ge2 si1 ta3]
 wán xíng xīn lǐ xué Gestalt psychology (concerned with treating a subject as a coherent whole)
 wán xíng xīn lǐ zhì liáo Gestalt psychotherapy
 wán xíng cè yàn Gestalt test
 Gé shì tǎ liáo fǎ Gestalt therapy / holistic therapy
 Lú yīn Lewin (name) / Kurt Lewing (1890-1944), German American psychologist of the Gestalt school, the author of Field Theory
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