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 chōng fèn ample / sufficient / adequate / full / fully / to the full
 chōng shí rich / full / substantial / to enrich / to augment / to substantiate (an argument)
 zhěng zhěng whole / full
 mǎn mǎn full / closely packed
 bǎo mǎn full / plump
 àng rán abundant / full / overflowing / exuberant
 zú é sufficient / full (payment)
 xìng míng surname and given name / full name
 chōng mǎn full of / brimming with / very full / permeated
 zhǎn kāi to unfold / to carry out / to be in full swing / to launch
 quán wén entire text / full text
 quán lì with all one's strength / full strength / all-out (effort) / fully (support)
 yī tóu one head / a head full of sth / one end (of a stick) / one side / headlong / directly / rapidly / simultaneously
 fù yǒu rich / full of
 quán tào an entire set / full complement
 quán zì dòng automatic action / full automatic
 xiáng jiě to explain in detail / detailed answer / full solution (to a math problem)
 fā yáng to develop / to make full use of
 zhuān zhí special duty / assigned full time to a task
 xiáng jìn thorough and detailed / exhaustive / the tedious details in full
 zhōu suì one full year (e.g. on child's first birthday)
 chōng chì to be full of / to flood / to congest
怀 mǎn huái to have one's heart filled with / (to collide) full on / (of farm animals) heavy with young
 Kē dá Kodak (brand, US film company) / full name Eastman Kodak Company 伊士曼柯達公司|伊士曼柯达公司[Yi1 shi4 man4 Ke1 da2 Gong1 si1]
 shèng kāi blooming / in full flower
 hú lu calabash or bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) / hoist / generic term for block and tackle (or parts thereof) / muddled / (poker) full house
 yǎn dǐ fundus of the eye (containing the choroid, retina, optic nerve etc) / inside the eye / right in front of one's eyes / in full view as a panorama
 péng bó vigorous / flourishing / full of vitality
 kǎn kě bumpy (of a road) / rough (of life) / to be down on one's luck / to be full of frustrations and dashed hopes
 jìn shì to be full of / completely
 hán xù to contain / to hold / (of a person or style etc) reserved / restrained / (of words, writings) full of hidden meaning / implicit / veiled (criticism)
 mǎn fēn full marks
 bān bān full of stains or spots
 fù yú to be full of / to be rich in
 quán chēng full name
 shuǐ líng (of fruit etc) fresh / (of a person etc) full of life / healthy-looking / (of eyes) moist and bright / lustrous
 yuán rùn mellow and full / suave / smooth and round / rich (in voice)
 xìng zhì bó bó to become exhilarated (idiom) / in high spirits / full of zest
 fán xīng many stars / a vast sky full of stars
 duān xiáng full details / full particulars
 mǎn qiāng one's heart filled with / full of (joy)
 quán quán full powers / total authority / plenipotentiary powers
 mǎn kǒu a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc) / (to agree etc) unreservedly
 jù hào full stop / period (punct.)
 mǎn yuè full moon / whole month / baby's one-month old birthday
 zhuǎn zhèng to transfer to full membership / to obtain tenure
 mǎn zài full to capacity / fully loaded
 jìn xìng to enjoy oneself to the full / to one's heart's content
 fù qīng to pay in full / to pay all of a bill / to pay off
 huán qīng to pay back in full / to redeem a debt
 wàng yuè full moon
 bǎo hán to be full of (emotion) / to brim with (love, tears etc)
 quán sù top speed / at full speed
 qīng cháng to repay a debt in full / to redeem / to clear
 hēi xīn ruthless and lacking in conscience / vicious mind full of hatred and jealousy / black core (flaw in pottery)
 mǎn zuǐ a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc)
 xióng zhuàng majestic / awesome / full of power and grandeur
 xìng chōng chōng full of joy and expectations / animatedly
 yì qì fēng fā high-spirited / full of mettle
 nù fàng in full bloom
 sāi mǎn to stuff full / to cram in / packed tight / chock full
 bǔ zú to bring up to full strength / to make up a deficiency / to fill (a vacancy, gap etc)
 guāng tiān huà rì the full light of day (idiom) / fig. peace and prosperity / in broad daylight
 rè huǒ cháo tiān in full swing (idiom) / (in a) frenzy / buzzing with activity
 zhèng cān (regular) meal / full meal / main course
 xiáng shí detailed and reliable / full and accurate
 shēng jī bó bó full of vitality
 shǎng yuè to admire the full moon
 quán mào complete picture / full view
 xǐ qì yáng yáng full of joy (idiom) / jubilation
 yuán yuè full moon
 tián bǎo to feed to the full / to cram
 zhōu ér fù shǐ lit. the cycle comes back to the start (idiom) / to move in circles / the wheel comes full circle
 jīng shén dǒu sǒu spirit trembling with excitement (idiom) / in high spirits / lively and full of enthusiasm / full of energy / con brio
 zhāo qì péng bó full of youthful energy (idiom) / vigorous / energetic / a bright spark
 yī wǔ yī shí lit. count by fives and tens (idiom) / to narrate systematically and in full detail
 shēng měng full of life / violent / brave / fresh (of seafood)
 qì shèng red-blooded / full of vim / impetuous
 jiǒng jiǒng yǒu shén eyes bright and full of expression
 tōng lì hé zuò to join forces / to give full cooperation
 ráo yǒu full of (interest, humor, sentiment etc)
 bāo gān to have the full responsibility of a job / allocated task
 chōng fèn ample / sufficient / abundant / full
 chéng cái to make sth of oneself / to become a person who is worthy of respect / (of a tree) to grow to full size / to become useful for timber
 biàn huà duō duān changeable / changing / varied / full of changes
 bù huò without doubt / with full self-confidence / forty years of age
 bào péng full to bursting
 lái jìn (dialect) to be full of zeal / high-spirited / exhilarating / to stir sb up
 kuài mǎ jiā biān to spur the horse to full speed (idiom) / to go as fast as possible
 quán shèng flourishing / at the peak / in full bloom
 jī shǎng to be full of admiration
 xuè qì fāng gāng full of sap (idiom) / young and vigorous
 tóu jī qǔ qiǎo to seize every opportunity / to be full of tricks
 xiāng bāo a small bag full of fragrance used on Dragon boat Festival
 wěi qū sinuous / devious / full details of a story / to stoop
 zú liàng sufficient amount / full amount
 lòu dòng bǎi chū lit. one hundred loopholes (idiom) / full of mistakes (of speech or article)
怀 shāng huái grieved / full of sorrow
 cōng yù verdant / lush green and full of life
 bǎo cháng to enjoy fully / to experience to the full over a long period
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