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 bù děng unequal / varied
 biàn huà duō duān changeable / changing / varied / full of changes
 fán duō many and varied / of many different kinds
 fēn chéng brilliant and varied / (often in the combination 精彩纷呈)
 yún yún numerous / diverse and varied
 duō duān multifarious / multifold / many and varied / multiport / multistation / multiterminal
 hào fán vast / voluminous / many and varied / numerous / extensive amount of / exhaustive / heavy (expenditure) / arduous / strenuous / exhausting / draining / burdensome
 duō zhǒng duō yàng manifold / all sorts / many and varied
 zá shí omnivorous (zoolog.) / snacks / a varied diet
 rǒng zá many and varied / confused
 cuǐ cuò many and varied
 biàn sù liú varied flow
 fēi jūn yún liú varied flow
 zá sè shān què (bird species of China) varied tit (Sittiparus varius)
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