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 qí shí actually / in fact / really
 jìng rán unexpectedly / to one's surprise / in spite of everything / in that crazy way / actually / to go as far as to
 shí zài really / actually / indeed / true / real / honest / dependable / (philosophy) reality
 suǒ actually / place / classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc / that which / particle introducing a relative clause or passive / CL:個|个[ge4]
 què shì nevertheless / actually / the fact is ...
 shì shí shàng in fact / in reality / actually / as a matter of fact / de facto / ipso facto
 dào shi contrary to what one might expect / actually / contrariwise / why don't you
 shí zé actually / in fact
 gǎn qing actually / as it turns out / indeed / of course
 wěi to entrust / to cast aside / to shift (blame etc) / to accumulate / roundabout / winding / dejected / listless / committee member / council / end / actually / certainly
 dào to place upside down / to invert / to pour / to throw out / to move backwards / however / actually / as a matter of fact / contrary to expectation
 jìng unexpectedly / actually / to go so far as to / indeed
 yuán lái original / former / originally / formerly / at first / so, actually, as it turns out
 shí kuàng live (e.g. broadcast or recording) / what is actually happening / scene / the real situation
 sì shì ér fēi apparently right but actually wrong / specious (idiom)
 dào tiē to lose money instead of being paid (i.e. sb should pay me, but is actually taking my money)
 bèi quilt / by / (indicates passive-voice clauses) / (literary) to cover / to meet with / (coll.) (since c. 2009) used before a verb that does not accurately represent what actually happened, to describe with black humor how sb or sth was dealt with by the authorities (as in 被自殺|被自杀[bei4 zi4 sha1])
 míng shí name and reality / how sth is portrayed and what it is actually like
 lín chǎng gǎn the feeling of actually being there
 Yè Gōng hào lóng lit. Lord Ye's passion for dragons (idiom) / fig. to pretend to be fond of sth while actually fearing it / ostensible fondness of sth one really fears
 yín yàng là qiāng tóu silvery spear point actually made of pewter (idiom) / fig. worthless despite an attractive exterior
 Fū zǐ zì dào appearing to be praising others while actually praising yourself / one's criticism of others exposes one's own faults
 chuán dào qiáo mén zì huì zhí lit. when the ship arrives at the bridge we can deal with the problem / no point in worrying about sth until it actually happens (idiom)
 chuán dào qiáo mén , zì huì zhí lit. when the ship arrives at the bridge we can deal with the problem / no point in worrying about sth until it actually happens (idiom)
 niān r huài appearing genuine, but actually nasty or devious / see also 蔫土匪[nian1 tu3 fei3]
 bù dài bǔ tè quán the right of immunity from arrest afforded by the Taiwan ROC Constitution, for the duration of meetings, unless caught actually committing a crime, to members of the National Assembly, the Legislative Yuan, or a supervisory committee
 shí fù actually paid / net (payment)
 yǒu sè wú dǎn to be perverse and suggestive towards the opposite sex, but shrinking back when provoked to act on it / to have perverted thoughts but no guts to actually do it / to be all talk and no action
绿 lu:4 chá biǎo "green tea bitch", a girl who seems innocent and charming but is actually calculating and manipulative
 bèi lu:3 yóu (coll.) (of a dissident) to be taken on a tour, ostensibly a vacation, but actually a trip organized by the authorities where one's every move is watched
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