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 wú yì zhōng accidentally / unintentionally / unexpectedly
 shī shǒu a slip / miscalculation / unwise move / accidentally / by mistake / to lose control / to be defeated
 ǒu yī accidentally / once in a while / very occasionally
 wù dǎ wù zhuàng accidentally / to act before thinking
 zǒu huǒ to go off accidentally / to catch fire
 wù shāng to injure accidentally / accidental injury
 nòng jiǎ chéng zhēn pretense that turns into reality (idiom) / to play at make-believe, but accidentally make it true
 ǒu yù a chance encounter / to meet accidentally
 Bō luò niè sī Polonius (name) / Shakespearean character, father of Ophelia, accidentally killed by Hamlet
 cā qiāng zǒu huǒ to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun / (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war
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