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 mǎ shàng at once / right away / immediately / on horseback (i.e. by military force)
 lì jí immediately
 dùn shí immediately / suddenly
 gǎn kuài at once / immediately
 suí jí immediately / presently / following which
便 jí biàn even if / even though / right away / immediately
 zhè jiù immediately / at once
 dāng xià immediately / at once / at that moment / at the moment
 dì yī shí jiān in the first moments (of sth happening) / immediately (after an event) / first thing
 lì shí right away / quickly / immediately
 lì mǎ at once / immediately / promptly / swiftly
 jí kè immediately / instant / instantly
 dēng shí immediately / at once
 tòng tong kuài kuài immediately / without a moment's hesitation / with alacrity / firing from the hip
 xùn jí immediately / promptly / quickly
 lì to stand / to set up / to establish / to lay down / to draw up / at once / immediately
 xuàn to whirl / immediately / variant of 鏇|镟[xuan4]
 gēn shǒu (coll.) pronto / immediately
 gēng jí (formal) immediately / promptly
 jí kě equivalent to 就可以 / can then (do sth) / can immediately (do sth) / (do sth) and that will suffice
 xiàn huò merchandise or commodities available immediately after sale / merchandise in stock / available item / actuals (investment) / actual commodities
 gēn zhe to follow after / immediately afterwards
 míng tang item (in a program of entertainments) / trick (act of mischief) / worthwhile result / accomplishment / sth significant but not immediately apparent / sth more than meets the eye
 xià mǎ wēi display of severity immediately on taking office / (fig.) initial show of strength
 jǐn jiē immediately adjacent / immediately following / to follow closely on
 xiàn xué xiàn yòng to immediately put into practice something one has just learned (idiom)
 lì jí bō fù dào guó jiā assigned immediately to country
 fǔ yī as soon as / immediately after
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