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 shū chū to export / to output
 chǎn liàng output
 chū pǐn to produce an item / output / items that are produced
 chǎn chū output
 yǐ liào output / withdrawal
 chǎn zhí value of output / output value
 shēng chǎn zǒng zhí gross domestic production (GDP) / total output value
 é dìng specified (capacity, output etc) / rated (capacity, output etc)
 zǒng chǎn zhí gross product / total output
 zǒng chǎn liàng total output
 jiǎn chǎn to lose output / a drop in crop yield / reduction in production
 guó mín shōu rù measures of national income and output
 jì jiàn gōng zī piece rate wage / remuneration based on one's output / opposite: time rate wage 計時工資|计时工资[ji4 shi2 gong1 zi1]
 é dìng zhí rating (for power output, flame resistance etc)
 bāo chǎn dào hù fixing of farm output quotas for each household
 fā sòng gōng lu:4 transmission power / output power
 gōng lu:4 shū chū power output (of an electrical device etc)
 bāo chǎn dào hù zhì system of quotas for farm output per household
 fēng zhí shū chū gōng néng peak power output (of an electrical device etc)
 lián chǎn dào zǔ to pay remuneration according to output (idiom)
  energy output
  documentary output
 tài yáng fú shè shū chū solar output
  non-declared output
  incremental capital output ratio
  model output statistics
  excess output
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