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 wén zì character / script / writing / written language / writing style / phraseology / CL:個|个[ge4]
 rén wù person / character (in a play, novel etc) / protagonist / CL:個|个[ge4]
 sè cǎi tint / coloring / coloration / (fig.) flavor / character
 xìng gé nature / disposition / temperament / character / CL:個|个[ge4]
 pǐn zhì character / intrinsic quality (of a person) / quality (of a product or service, or as in "quality of life", "air quality" etc)
 pí qi character / temperament / disposition / bad temper / CL:個|个[ge4]
 rén qì popularity / personality / character
 zì fú character (computing)
 zhì dì texture / background (texture) / grain / quality / character / disposition
 xīn dì character
 rén pǐn moral standing / moral quality / character / personality / appearance / looks (colloquial) / bearing
 xìng zhuàng nature (i.e. properties of sth) / character
 zì yuán character (computing) (Tw)
 xìng nature / character / property / quality / attribute / sexuality / sex / gender / suffix forming adjective from verb / suffix forming noun from adjective, corresponding to -ness or -ity / essence / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jiǎn tǐ zhōng wén simplified character Chinese, simplified Chinese
 jué sè role / character in a novel / persona / also pr. [jiao3 se4]
 bǎo bèi treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character
 yǔ yīn speech sounds / pronunciation / colloquial (rather than literary) pronunciation of a Chinese character / phonetic / audio / voice / (Internet) to voice chat / voice message
 wéi rén to conduct oneself / behavior / conduct / personal character
 běn zhì essence / nature / innate character / intrinsic quality
 hàn zì Chinese character / CL:個|个[ge4] / Japanese: kanji / Korean: hanja / Vietnamese: hán tự
 gǔ tou bone / CL:根[gen1],塊|块[kuai4] / moral character / bitterness
 sù zào to model / to mold / (fig.) to create (a character, a market, an image etc) / (literature) to portray (in words)
 xiǎo rén person of low social status (old) / I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself) / nasty person / vile character
 jūn zǐ nobleman / person of noble character
 Tài shān Tarzan (fictional character reared by apes in the jungle) / Taishan township in New Taipei City 新北市[Xin1 bei3 shi4], Taiwan
 běn sè inherent qualities / natural qualities / distinctive character / true qualities
 zì yàng model or template character / written slogan or phrase / mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 / on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 / on a document etc)
 fán tǐ zhōng wén traditional character Chinese
 zì diǎn dictionary / character dictionary / CL:本[ben3]
 shí zì cross road / cross-shaped / crucifix / the character ten
 zì hao character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop
 biāo zhù to mark out / to tag / to put a sign on sth explaining or calling attention to / to annotate (e.g. a character with its pinyin)
 pǐn dé moral character
 tuō luò to drop off / to come off / to lose (hair etc) / to omit (a character when writing)
 yīn fú (music) note / phonetic component of a Chinese character / phonetic symbol / phonogram
 bā zì the character 8 or 八 / birthdate characters used in fortune-telling
 dǎng xìng the spirit or character of a political party
 Fēi xuě Flying Snow, a character in "Hero"
 luàn mǎ mojibake (nonsense characters displayed when software fails to render text according to its intended character encoding)
 Wù Kōng Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers from the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 You2 Ji4]
 gé diào style (of art or literature) / form / one's work style / moral character
 zì xíng form of a Chinese character / variant of 字型[zi4 xing2]
 Zhū Bā jiè Zhu Bajie, character in Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记, with pig-like characteristics and armed with a muckrake / Pigsy in Arthur Waley's translation
 pǐn gé one's character / fret (on fingerboard of lute or guitar)
 yóu nì grease / greasy food / oily / rich (of food) / fatty / greasy and dirty / a slippery character
 dà zhàng fu a manly man / a man of character
 xiě fǎ style of writing (literary style) / way of writing a character / spelling
 zì huà the strokes of a character / calligraphy and painting
 xí xìng character acquired through long habit / habits and properties
 xiū shēn to cultivate one's moral character / (fashion) slim-fit / body-hugging
 qíng cāo sentiments / feelings / disposition of mind / moral character
 bǐ huà strokes of a Chinese character
 shēng zì new character (in textbook) / character that is unfamiliar or not yet studied
 jiǎo tà shí dì to have one's feet firmly planted on the ground (idiom) / realistic without flights of fancy / steady and serious character
 huì yì combined ideogram (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书[liu4 shu1] of forming Chinese characters) / Chinese character that combines the meanings of existing elements / also known as joint ideogram or associative compounds / to comprehend without being told explicitly / to cotton on / knowing (smile, glance etc)
 yuán xíng original shape / true appearance (under the disguise) / true character
 gòng xìng overall character
 dīng dīng Tintin, cartoon character
 hé tǐ to combine / combination / composite character (i.e. a synonym of 合體字|合体字[he2 ti3 zi4]) / (of clothes) to be a good fit
 dú yīn pronunciation / literary (rather than colloquial) pronunciation of a Chinese character
 kǒu jué mnemonic chant / rhyme for remembering (arithmetic tables, character stroke order etc)
 dān zì single Chinese character / word (in a foreign language)
 xiāo xióng ambitious and ruthless character / formidable person
 zhǔ rén wēng master (of the house) / main character in a novel etc / hero or heroine
 Lín Dài yù Lin Daiyu, female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu 賈寶玉|贾宝玉
 fāng gé checked pattern / square box character (in Chinese text) indicating illegible character
西 Xī mēn Qìng Ximen Qing, character from 金瓶梅[Jin1 ping2 mei2] and 水滸傳|水浒传[Shui3 hu3 Zhuan4]
西 Xī mén Qìng Ximen Qing, character from 金瓶梅[Jin1 ping2 mei2] and 水滸傳|水浒传[Shui3 hu3 Zhuan4]
 gǔ qì unyielding character / courageous spirit / integrity / moral backbone
 zì chuàn character string
 cuò zì incorrect character / typo (in Chinese text)
 A1 lā dīng Aladdin, character in one of the tales in the The Book of One Thousand and One Nights
 fán tǐ zì traditional Chinese character
 jiǎ jiè to make use of / to use sth as pretext / under false pretenses / under the guise of / masquerading as / lenient / tolerant / loan character (one of the Six Methods 六書|六书 / of forming Chinese characters) / character acquiring meanings by phonetic association / also called phonetic loan
 Jiǎ Bǎo yù Jia Baoyu, male character in The Dream of Red Mansions, in love with his cousin Lin Daiyu 林黛玉 / but obliged to marry Xue Baochai 薛寶釵|薛宝钗
 zì fú jí character set (e.g. ASCII 美國資訊交換標準碼|美国资讯交换标准码 / or Unicode 統一碼|统一码)
 yī fǎn cháng tài complete change from the normal state (idiom) / quite uncharacteristic / entirely outside the norm / out of character
 pǐn xìng nature / characteristic / moral character
 qì liàng (lit. quantity of spirit) / moral character / degree of forbearance / broad-mindedness or otherwise / tolerance / magnanimity
 shī biǎo paragon of virtue and learning / exemplary character
 gāng liè resolute and upright in character / unyielding / staunch
 Lǐ Kuí Li Kui, character in the novel Water Margin 水滸全傳|水浒全传[Shui3 hu3 quan2 zhuan4]
 bù shǒu radical of a Chinese character
 rén zhī chū man at birth (is fundamentally good in nature) / the first line of Three character classic 三字經|三字经[San1 zi4 jing1]
 Dà shé wán Orochimaru, Japanese folktale hero / Orochimaru, character in the Naruto manga series
 bǐng xìng innate character / natural disposition / attitude
 jiǎn xiě to write characters in simplified form / the simplified form of a character / to abbreviate (a word or expression) / to write in simple language
 ào gǔ lofty and unyielding character
 yīn yùn music / rhyme and rhythm / initial, 音[yin1], and final and tone, 韻|韵[yun4], of a Chinese character / phoneme
 zì gēn character root / word root / etymon
 fēng gǔ strength of character / vigorous style (of calligraphy)
 shuāng xǐ double happiness / the combined symmetric character 囍 / (similar to 喜喜) as symbol of good luck, esp. marriage
 tōng pèi fú wildcard character (computing)
 jiǎn tǐ zì simplified Chinese character, as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字|繁体字[fan2 ti3 zi4]
 yùn mǔ medial and final of a Chinese syllable (excluding initial consonant and tone) / the rhyming part of a Chinese syllable / rhyme / vowel / character used in traditional phonetics to indicate value of rhyme / final sound / phoneme
 zì yì meaning of a character
 zì yīn phonetic value of a character
 Xiǎo xióng Wéi ní Winnie-the-Pooh (bear character in children's stories by A. A. Milne adapted by Disney)
 piān páng component of a Chinese character (as the radical or the phonetic part)
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