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 shēng yīn voice / sound / CL:個|个[ge4]
 sǎng zi throat / voice / CL:把[ba3]
 kǒu yin voice / accent
 yǔ yīn speech sounds / pronunciation / colloquial (rather than literary) pronunciation of a Chinese character / phonetic / audio / voice / (Internet) to voice chat / voice message
 sǎng yīn voice
 sǎng mén voice / windpipe
 yǔ tài voice (grammar)
 shēng sound / voice / tone / noise / reputation / classifier for sounds
 shēng qì voice / tone / information
 tài (bound form) / appearance / shape / form / state / attitude / (grammar) voice
 sǎng throat / voice
 dào chū to speak / to tell / to voice
 yǔ yīn tōng xùn tōng dào voice (communications) channel
 zhēn shēng zuì gāo yīn highest true (non-falsetto) voice
 dà shēng loud voice / in a loud voice / loudly
 kǒu qì tone of voice / the way one speaks / manner of expression / tone
 gē shēng singing voice / fig. original voice of a poet
 chū shēng to utter / to give voice
 dī shēng in a low voice / softly
 xiǎo shēng in a low voice / (speak) in whispers
 xīn shēng thoughts / feelings / aspirations / heartfelt wishes / inner voice
 shēn chén deep / profound / (of a person) reserved / undemonstrative / (of a voice, sound etc) deep / low-pitched
 huà yīn one's speaking voice / tone / implication
 wǎng luò diàn huà Voice over Internet Protocol
 liú lù to reveal (indirectly, implicitly) / to show (interest, contempt etc) by means of one's actions, tone of voice etc
 kǒu wěn tone of voice / connotation in intonation / accent (regional etc) / snout / muzzle / lips / protruding portion of an animal's face
 fàng shēng very loudly / at the top of one's voice
 lì shēng stern voice
 yìng shēng an answering voice / to answer a voice / to respond / to copy a voice / to parrot
 shī shēng to lose one's voice / (to cry out) involuntarily
 fā shēng vocal / sound / sound production / to utter / to give voice
 yì kǒu tóng shēng different mouths, same voice / to speak in unison (idiom)
 wěi wǎn tactful / euphemistic / (of voice etc) suave / soft
 yīn diào pitch of voice (high or low) / pitch (of a musical note) / tone
 xì yǔ to chat with a low voice
 gāo gē to sing loudly / to lift one's voice in song
 shēng yōu voice actor (loanword from Japanese 声優 / seiyū)
 gāo kàng high-pitched and penetrating (musical instrument, voice etc) / high-spirited / fever-pitched (atmosphere)
 yā què wú shēng lit. crow and peacock make no sound / absolute silence (idiom) / not a single voice can be heard / absolute silence
 qiǎo shēng quietly / in a low voice
 biàn shēng voice change (at puberty) / to alter one's voice (deliberately) / to sound different (when angry etc)
 āi shēng tàn qì sighing voice, wailing breath (idiom) / to heave deep sighs / to sigh in despair
 zòng shēng loudly / in a loud voice
 shēng lèi jù xià to shed tears while recounting sth / speaking in a tearful voice
 āi āi (onom.) sighing voice / crying sound
 chàng hè antiphon (i.e. solo voice answered by chorus) / sung reply (in agreement with first voice) / to reply with a poem in the same rhythm
 yǔ yīn xìn xiāng voice mailbox / voicemail
 Měi guó Zhī Yīn Voice of America (VOA)
 yǒu kǒu jiē bēi every voice gives praise (idiom) / with an extensive public reputation
 huà chá tone of voice / topic / subject under discussion
 zhòng kǒu yī cí all of one voice / unanimous
 zhēn biān to critique / to voice concerns about / ancient form of acupuncture using sharp stones as needles
 yuàn shēng wail / lament / voice of complaint
 yīn róng voice and features / (sb's) appearance
 yǐn háng gāo gē to sing at the top of one's voice (idiom)
 wèng shēng wèng qì to speak in a low muffled voice (idiom)
 nán dī yīn bass (music) / lower register male voice
 gǎn nù ér bù gǎn yán angry, but not daring to speak out (idiom) / obliged to remain silent about one's resentment / unable to voice objections
 cuì brittle / fragile / crisp / crunchy / clear and loud voice / neat
 xuān bīn duó zhǔ lit. the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host (idiom) / fig. a minor player upstages the main attraction / minor details obscure the main point / the sauce is better than the fish
 shēng qíng bìng mào (of a singer etc) excellent in voice and expression (idiom)
 ní nán xì yǔ whispering in a low voice (idiom) / murmuring
 dà zhāng shēng shì to spread one's voice wide (idiom) / wide publicity
 qiè shēng qiè qì to speak in a frightened voice that lacks courage (idiom)
 zhòng kǒu tóng shēng (of people) to be of one voice (idiom) / unanimous
 dī shēng xì yǔ in a whisper / in a low voice (idiom)
 nāng nang to murmur / to speak in a low voice
 diào sǎng zi voice training (for Chinese opera)
 fǔ yīn shì fàng shí jiān voice onset time
 yǔ yīn xìn hào voice signal
 xiāo voice of anger / vast / spacious
 dī dī qiè qiè in a low voice / whispered
 dǎo cāng to transfer grain from a store (e.g. to sun it) / voice breaking (of male opera singer in puberty)
 jiǎ shēng falsetto / opposite: natural or true voice 真聲|真声[zhen1 sheng1]
 fǎn wèn yǔ qì tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
 kǒu fēng manner of speech / tone of voice
 dà sǎng loud voice
 guài shēng guài qì strange voice / affected manner of speaking
 chě sǎng zi to raise one's voice / to speak at the top of one's voice
 kuàng yě hū shēng a voice crying in the wilderness, Isaiah, 40:3
 zuì dī yīn lowest voice / lowest pitch / lowest note
 zuì gāo yīn highest voice / highest pitch / highest note
 lǎng yín to recite in a loud, clear voice
 zhēn shēng natural voice / modal voice / true voice / opposite: falsetto 假聲|假声[jia3 sheng1]
 xì shēng xì qì in a fine voice (idiom) / softly spoken
 xiōng yīn chest voice
 shū shì yīn comfortable voice (well within one's range of pitch)
 zhàn shēng trembling voice / see also 顫聲|颤声[chan4 sheng1]
 qí dǎ hāng r de in unison and with one voice (dialect)
 fǎn duì kù xíng zhī shēng Voice against Torture
  Voice Mail System
  Global Women's Assembly on Environment: Women as the Voice for the Environment / Global Women's Assembly on Environment
 tòng huà chéng xù voice procedure
  cockpit voice recorder
  Voice of Afghan Women in Global Media
IP电 IP diàn huà Voice over Internet Protocol
  Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
  Voice of Children
  pocket voice recorder
  alternate voice (and) data
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