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 qiāo qiāo quietly / secretly / stealthily / quiet / worried / Taiwan pr. [qiao3 qiao3]
 qīng shēng quietly / softly / neutral tone / light stress
 qiǎo rán quietly / sorrowfully
 qiǎo shēng quietly / in a low voice
 xī peacefully / quietly
 qiǎo wú shēng xī quietly / noiselessly
 niè qiāo qiāo softly / quietly
 xù xù quietly / secretly
 bù shì zhāng yáng quietly / without ostentation
 jìng zuò to sit quietly / to meditate / to stage a sit-in
 niè shǒu niè jiǎo to walk quietly on tiptoe (idiom)
 jìng hòu to quietly wait
 zì dé qí lè to find amusement in one's own way / to enjoy oneself quietly
 qīng shǒu qīng jiǎo (to move or do sth) softly and quietly (idiom)
 niè to walk on tiptoe / to walk quietly / to tread (on) / to follow
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