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 shēng yīn voice / sound / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yīn xiǎng sound / acoustics / audio / hi-fi system / stereo sound system / abbr. for 組合音響|组合音响[zu3 he2 yin1 xiang3]
 jiàn quán robust / sound
 yīn pín audio / sound / audio frequency / sound frequency
 shēng xiǎng sound / noise
 shēng xī sound (often with negative, not a sound) / whisper
 tīng lái to sound (old, foreign, exciting, right etc) / to ring (true) / to sound as if (i.e. to give the listener an impression) / to hear from somewhere
 fā shēng vocal / sound / sound production / to utter / to give voice
 xiāng tián fragrant and sweet / sound (sleep)
 míng jiào to emit a sound / (of birds, insects etc) to chirp, hoot etc / (of a siren, steam whistle etc) to sound
 tàn zi intelligence gatherer / spy / detective / scout / sound (medical instrument) / long and narrow probing and sampling utensil
 shēng sound / voice / tone / noise / reputation / classifier for sounds
 yǐng yīn recorded media (CD and DVD) / sound and movies
 bào jǐng to sound an alarm / to report sth to the police
 lù yīn to record (sound) / sound recording / CL:個|个[ge4]
 píng ān safe and sound / well / without mishap / quiet and safe / at peace
 shēng dào sound track / audio channel
 yīn xiāng loudspeaker box / speaker (audio equipment) / resonating chamber of a musical instrument / sound box
 shēng kǎ sound card
 yīn xiào sound effect
 tīng qi lai to sound like
 fā yīn to pronounce / pronunciation / to emit sound
 yīn zhì tone / sound quality / timbre
 yīn liàng sound volume
 shēn chén deep / profound / (of a person) reserved / undemonstrative / (of a voice, sound etc) deep / low-pitched
 hū hū (onom.) sound of the wind or the breathing of sb who is sound asleep
 shì tàn to sound out / to probe / to feel out / to try out
 fēng shēng sound of the wind / rumor / talk / news / reputation
 jù xiǎng loud sound
 lì tǐ shēng stereo sound
 léi tíng sound of thunder
 yīn sè tone / timbre / sound color
 kū shēng sound of weeping
 yīn shì pín sound and video
 yùn wèi implicit charm in rhyme or sound / hinted appeal / interest
 gū lu (onom.) to rumble (of a stomach) / to coo (of a dove) / rumbling / noisy drinking sound
 pū tōng (onom.) sound of object falling into water / plop
 dīng dāng (onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
 qiāo xiǎng to sound a bell / to raise the alarm
 qiāng shēng crack / shooting sound / gunshot
 yīn guǐ sound track / track number (e.g. on a CD)
 jiào huan to cry out / to bark out a sound
 huā lā (onom.) sound of a crash / with a crash
 hǎo huà friendly advice / words spoken on sb's behalf / a good word / kind words / words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions
 huā huā sound of gurgling water
 zhēng zhēng sound of chopping wood, chess pieces hitting the board etc
 dīng dīng (onom.) tinkling or jingling sound
 yǔ shēng spoken language / sound of speaking
 yǒu shēng yǒu sè having sound and color (idiom) / vivid / dazzling
 ān rán wú yàng safe and sound (idiom) / to come out unscathed (e.g. from an accident or illness)
 gé lè (onom.) laughing sound / glug-glug haha!
 yīn sù speed of sound
 dīng dōng (onom.) ding dong / jingling of bells / clanking sound
 gǔ shēng sound of a drum / drumbeat
 yā què wú shēng lit. crow and peacock make no sound / absolute silence (idiom) / not a single voice can be heard / absolute silence
 shēng bō sound wave
 biàn shēng voice change (at puberty) / to alter one's voice (deliberately) / to sound different (when angry etc)
 huā lā lā (onom.) crashing sound
 pēng pēng thumping sound (onom.) / to be eager and anxious (to do sth) / faithful and upright
 dī dā (onom.) pattering sound / drip drip (of water) / tick tock (of clock) / also pr. [di1 da5]
 hān shēng sound of snoring
 guā guā (onom.) sound of frogs, ducks etc
 sù sù very slight sound / rustling (onom.) / to stream down (of tears) / luxuriant growth (of vegetation)
 zhī shēng to utter a word / to make a sound / to cheep / to squeak / also pr. [zi1 sheng1]
 xū shēng hissing sound / to hiss (as a sign of displeasure)
 ān hǎo safe and sound / well
 mián cháng long and continuous (coastline, sound etc) / extensive / prolonged
 Yīn yuè zhī shēng The Sound of Music, Broadway musical (1959) and Academy Award-winning movie (1965)
 ěr shú to sound familiar / familiar-sounding
 āi míng (of animals, the wind etc) to make a mournful sound / whine / moan / wail
 yīn xiǎng shè bèi sound equipment / stereo
 mí sàn to dissipate everywhere (of light, sound, gas etc)
退 zhī nán ér tuì to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom) / fig. to back out of an awkward situation / to get out on finding out what it's really like
 yú yīn lingering sound
 xiāo shēng sound dissipation / noise reduction
 biān pào shēng sound of firecrackers
 zuò shēng to speak / to emit sound
 bí yīn nasal sound
 péng péng luxuriant / abundant / (onom.) booming sound of wind
 āi āi (onom.) sighing voice / crying sound
 sà sà soughing / whistling or rushing sound (of the wind in trees, the sea etc)
 yùn mǔ medial and final of a Chinese syllable (excluding initial consonant and tone) / the rhyming part of a Chinese syllable / rhyme / vowel / character used in traditional phonetics to indicate value of rhyme / final sound / phoneme
 hū chī (onom.) sound of panting
 sōu sōu sound of the wind blowing or rain falling
 wěi yīn final sound of a syllable / rhyme (e.g. in European languages)
 dāng dāng (onom.) clang / clank of metal / sound of striking a gong
 kuā kuā qí tán to talk big / to sound off / bombastic / grandiloquent
 yīn bō sound wave
 míng jīn to beat a gong / to sound the retreat
 wàn lài jù jì not a sound to be heard (idiom)
 dāng lāng (onom.) metallic sound / clanging
 bā yīn ancient classification system for musical instruments, based on the material of which the instrument is made (metal 金, stone 石, clay 土, leather 革, silk 絲|丝, wood 木, gourd 匏, bamboo 竹) / the eight kinds of sound produced by instruments in these categories / music
 xī li huā lā (onom.) rustling sound / sound of rain or of sth falling down / in disorder / completely smashed / badly battered / broken to pieces
 yīn pín shè bèi sound card / audio card (computer)
 zǔ hé yīn xiǎng hi-fi system / stereo sound system / abbr. to 音響|音响[yin1 xiang3]
 dùn cuò a transition (stop and change) in spoken sound, music or in brush strokes / a cadence / punctuated by a transition / with syncopated cadence (brush stroke in painting)
 xīn yīn sound of the heart / heartbeat
 hán chán cicada in winter / fig. mournful sound
 mǎ zi number (e.g. page or house number) / numeral (e.g. Arabic or Chinese numeral) / code sign / plus or minus sound / counter / chip (e.g. in gambling games) / price tag / ready cash at one's disposal (old)
 yuè qín yueqin, a lute with oval or octagonal sound box
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