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 kǒu yin voice / accent
 kǒu wěn tone of voice / connotation in intonation / accent (regional etc) / snout / muzzle / lips / protruding portion of an animal's face
 qiāng diào accent
 zhòng yīn accent (of a word) / stress (on a syllable)
 diào to transfer / to move (troops or cadres) / to investigate / to enquire into / accent / view / argument / key (in music) / mode (music) / tune / tone / melody
 qiāng zi thoracic cavity / intonation / accent
 xiāng yīn local accent / accent of one's native place
 kuǎ zi person speaking with a foreign accent
 qiāng cavity of body / barrel (e.g. engine cylinder) / compartment / tune / accent of speech
 kuǎ foreign accent
 nán qiāng běi diào a regional accent
 qiè zi person with country accent / rustic / country bumpkin
 piě hào apostrophe ' (punct.) / accent mark / prime symbol (math.)
 yáng qiāng yáng diào to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually derogatory) (idiom)
 Hàn qiāng Wuhan accent
 fāng yīn dialectal accent
 guài qiāng guài diào strange accent / odd manner of speaking or singing
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