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 zhuān jiā expert / specialist / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dà fāng expert / scholar / mother earth / a type of green tea
 gāo shǒu expert / past master / dab hand
 dà xiā prawn / (Internet slang) expert / whiz
 hǎo shǒu expert / professional
 háng jiā connoisseur / expert / veteran
 zhuān yè rén cái expert (in a field)
 dá rén expert / person who takes things philosophically
 dà shén deity / (Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz
 néng shǒu expert
 nèi háng expert / adept / experienced / an expert / a professional
 lǐ shǒu expert / left-hand side (of a machine) / left-hand side (driver's side) of a vehicle
 dà ná (coll.) man in power / boss / authority / expert
 shī teacher / master / expert / model / army division / (old) troops / to dispatch troops
 tōng to go through / to know well / (suffix) expert / to connect / to communicate / open / to clear / classifier for letters, telegrams, phone calls etc
 háng jiā lǐ shǒu connoisseur / expert
 fēn xī rén shì analyst / expert
 zuò shǒu writer / expert
 dǒng mén r one who knows his business / professional / expert / au fait
 dà jiā everyone / influential family / great expert
 shàn cháng to be good at / to be expert in
 dà wáng king / magnate / person having expert skill in something
 míng jiā renowned expert / master (of an art or craft)
 jì shī technician / technical expert
 chéng jiā to settle down and get married (of a man) / to become a recognized expert
 ná shǒu expert in / good at
 yī xué zhuān jiā medical expert / medical specialist
 fāng jiā learned person / expert in a certain field / abbr. for 大方之家[da4 fang1 zhi1 jia1]
 jūn shì jiā military expert / general
 Bān mén nòng fǔ to display one's slight skill before an expert (idiom)
 Zhōng guó tōng China watcher / an expert on China / an old China hand
 Qū Qiū bái Qu Qiubai (1899-1935), politician, Soviet expert of the Chinese communists at time of Soviet influence, publisher and Russian translator, captured and executed by Guomindang at the time of the Long March
 móu chén imperial strategic adviser / expert on strategy
 chē bǎ shi expert cart-driver / charioteer
 shàn without authority / to usurp / to arrogate to oneself / to monopolize / expert in / to be good at
 liáng gōng xīn kǔ expert craft from hard practice (idiom) / hard-won skill / A masterpiece demands suffering.
 dà fāng zhī jiā learned person / expert in a certain field / abbr. to 方家[fang1 jia1]
 zhī rén shàn rèn expert at appointing people according to their abilities (idiom) / to put the right people in the right places
 zài háng to be adept at sth / to be an expert in a trade or profession
 Lǐ Xiǎo lóng Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Hong Kong actor and martial arts expert
 bàn píng cù dabbler / dilettante who speaks as though he were an expert
 Dé léi ěr Dreyer (name) / June Teufel Dreyer, China expert at Univ. of Miami and Foreign Policy Research Institute
 zhuān jiā píng lùn expert commentary
 Wèi yì xìn David Clive Wilson, Baron Wilson of Tillyorn (1935-), British diplomat and China expert, Governor of Hong Kong 1986-1992
 zhuān jiā xì tǒng expert system
 shì pà háng jiā an expert always produces the best work (idiom)
 èr nǎi zhuān jiā "mercenary expert", a person who is supposedly an independent expert, but receives payment for making comments favorable to a particular entity
宿 sù rú experienced scholar / old expert in the field
 zhuān jiā píng jià expert evaluation
  Independent Expert on minority issues
 shàn chǎng to excel in some field / expert at sth
 wén zì xué jiā expert on writing systems
·  Lynn E. Davis, US academic and arms control expert, Under-secretary at US State Department 1993-1997
 Mǐ fū Pavel Aleksandrovich Mif (1901-1938), Ukrainian Soviet expert on Chinese affairs, secretly executed in Stalin's purges
 huā bǎ shì expert flower grower
 huā bǎ shì expert flower grower
 wǔ qì zhuān jiā arms expert
 zhàn zhe shuō huà bù yāo téng it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter (idiom) / to be an armchair expert / to blabber on
  Special Expert Committee on Security
  Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications
  Expert Group on Technology Transfer
 gǔ běn tǒng jì zhuān jiā xiǎo zǔ Expert Group on Capital Stock Statistics
  Expert Group on Critical Problems in Economic Statistics
 guó mín zhàng hù zī xún zhuān jiā zǔ Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts
  Expert Group on Household Sector Accounts and Income Distribution Statistics
  Expert Group on SNA Coordination
  Expert Meeting on the Negative Social Consequences of Alcohol Use
  Expert Group on International Classifications
  Expert Group on Pensionable Remuneration
  Interagency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics
  Least Developed Countries Expert Group / LDC Expert Group
  Ad Hoc Expert Group on International Contract Practices
  Ad Hoc Expert Group on the New International Economic Order
  ad hoc expert group
 wú xíng zī chǎn zhuān jiā zǔ Expert Group on Intangibles
 yuán zhù zhuān jiā Assistance Expert
  Informal Expert Group Meeting on the Craving Mechanism
  Expert Seminar on Racism, Refugees and Multi-Ethnic States
 shì jiè jīng jì zhǎn wàng zhuān jiā zǔ Expert Group on the World Economic Outlook
  Expert Group on Distributive Trade Statistics
 cái wù zhuān jiā finance expert
  Expert Panel on Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change
西  Regional Expert Group Meeting on Western Asian Plan of Action
  International Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Languages
  Ad Hoc Expert Group on Electronic Data Interchange
  Expert Group Meeting on Women and Peace
  ad hoc expert group on vulnerability indices
  International expert workshop on methodologies for indicators of sustainable development
  Technology Expert Knowledge System
  Technical Subgroup of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications
  Expert Consultation on Global Forest Assessment
  Expert Group Meeting
  expert on mission
  Expert Group Meeting on Household Sector Accounts
  Expert Group Meeting on Public Sector Accounts
  Expert Group Meeting on External Sector Transactions
 zhī zhù fèi yòng wèn tí zhuān jiā zǔ Expert Group on Support Costs
  Expert Group on Violence in the Family
  Expert Group Meeting on Gender, Education and Training
  Expert Group on Evaluation
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