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 zhuān jiā expert / specialist / CL:個|个[ge4]
 zhuān mén specialist / specialized / customized
 zhuān rén specialist / person appointed for specific task
 zhuān sī specialist (responsible some task)
 huī lǐng gray collar / specialist / technical worker / engineer
 zhuān mén rén yuán specialist / specialized staff
 zhuān mén jiā specialist
 yī xué zhuān jiā medical expert / medical specialist
 jiā home / family / (polite) my (sister, uncle etc) / classifier for families or businesses / refers to the philosophical schools of pre-Han China / noun suffix for a specialist in some activity, such as a musician or revolutionary, corresponding to English -ist, -er, -ary or -ian / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shì member of the senior ministerial class (old) / scholar (old) / bachelor / honorific / soldier / noncommissioned officer / specialist worker
 Dèng Shì chāng Deng Shichang (1849-1894), Qing dynasty naval specialist, founded naval dockyards and two naval colleges, died heroically in action against the Japanese
访 zhī dāng fǎng bì if it's weaving, ask the maid (idiom) / when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist
 gēng dāng wèn nú if it's plowing, ask the laborer (idiom) / when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist
 Méi Lán fāng Mei Lanfang (1894-1961), famous master of Beijing opera, specialist in female roles
 Yáng Wéi Yang Wei (1979-), PRC badminton player, women's doubles specialist
 Liú Guì jīn Liu Guijin (1945-), PRC diplomat, special representative to Africa from 2007, Chinese specialist on Sudan and the Darfur issue
 Lǐ Jiàn chéng Li Jiancheng (589-626), eldest son of first Tang emperor Li Yuan 唐高祖李淵|唐高祖李渊, murdered by his brother 李世民 / in the Xuanwu Gate coup 玄武門之變|玄武门之变 / Professor Li Jiancheng (1993-), geophysicist and specialist in satellite geodesy
访 gēng dāng wèn nú , zhī dāng fǎng bì if it's plowing ask the laborer, if it's weaving ask the maid (idiom) / when managing a matter, consult the appropriate specialist
 zhuǎn kē to change major (at college) / to take up a new specialist subject / to transfer to a different medical department
  environmentally literate specialist
  Specialist Support Service
 zhuān jiā hé tòng specialist contract
 jì suàn jī xìn xī xì tǒng zhuān yuán Computer Information Systems Specialist
  Systems Development Specialist
  education specialist
  Database Administration Specialist
 fǎ yī xué fǎ lu:4 zhuān yuán Forensic Medicine Law Specialist
 jiā tíng bǎo jiàn zhuān yuán Family Health Specialist
 wèi shēng lì fǎ zhuān yuán Health Legislation Specialist
 cái wù guǎn lǐ zhuān yuán Financial Management Specialist
  Methods and Procedures Specialist
 bàn gōng shì zì dòng huà zhuān yuán Office Automation Specialist
 zhí yè wèi shēng zhuān yuán occupational health specialist
  Social Welfare Specialist
  traditional medicine specialist
 yùn shū zhuān yuán transportation specialist
 huán jìng zhuān yuán environmental specialist
 gōng gòng wèi shēng zhuān yuán public health specialist
 jīng shén bǎo jiàn zhuān yuán mental health specialist
  administrative specialist
 jiù jì zhuān yuán relief specialist
 rén lì zī yuán guǎn lǐ zhuān yuán Human Resources Management Specialist
 xīn wén zhuān yuán Public Information Specialist
 zhuān kē yī shēng Medical Specialist
 fǎ lu:4 zhuān yuán law specialist
  Senior Communications Planning Specialist
  technology assessor / assessment specialist
  library and information specialist
  Data Security and Disaster Recovery Specialist
  Field Personnel Specialist Support Service
 lù xiàng zhì zuò zhuān jiā video production specialist
  Population, Education and Communications Specialist
 jì suàn jī xìn xī zhuān jiā Computer Information Specialist
  Specialist Group on Roma, Gypsies and Travellers
 yuán é pèi zhì zhuān jiā Staffing Specialist
 fāng àn zhuān jiā Programme Specialist
  driving specialist skills
 yùn shū zhuān jiā Transport Specialist
 yè wù lián xù xìng guǎn lǐ zhuān jiā Business Continuity Management Specialist
  mission specialist
  payload specialist
  aviation safety specialist
  air operations officer / air operations specialist
  air operations officer / air operations specialist
 wǎng zhàn nèi róng zhuān jiā Web Content Specialist
 xíng jǐng zǔ zhī duì r tóng fàn zuì wèn tí zhuān jiā gōng zuò zǔ INTERPOL Specialist Group on Crimes Against Children
  Gender Reporting Specialist
 liǎng xìng píng děng péi xùn zhuān jiā Gender Training Specialist
  conflict resolution specialist
  Gender Specialist
  communicable disease specialist
  non-communicable disease specialist
  Specialist in Causes and Consequences of Population Trends and Variables
  specialist unit
  equipment shelter / technical shelter / specialist module
  equipment shelter / technical shelter / specialist module
  Multi-Sectoral Specialist Support in the South Pacific
  Specialist Services Division
  Common System and Specialist Services
  Accounting Standards Specialist
  Senior Policy Specialist on Women's Economic Activities
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