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 róng yù honor / credit / glory / (honorable) reputation / honorary
 guāng huī radiance / glory / brilliant / magnificent
耀 róng yào honor / glory
 gōng míng scholarly honor (in imperial exams) / rank / achievement / fame / glory
 róng guāng glory
 róng glory / honor / thriving
 guāng róng honor and glory / glorious
 shū róng special glory / distinction / rare honor / one's laurels / it's a privilege (to meet you)
 wēi míng fame for fighting prowess / military glory
 róng huá glory and splendor
 róng huá fù guì glory, splendor, wealth and rank (idiom) / high position and great wealth
 zēng guāng to add luster / to add glory
 zūn róng honor and glory
 yǒng chuí bù xiǔ eternal glory / will never be forgotten
 qiān niú morning glory (Pharbitis nil)
 zhān guāng to bask in the light / fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth / reflected glory
 qiān niú huā white-edged morning glory
 yì jǐn huán xiāng to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom) / to return in glory
 jiè guāng excuse me (i.e. let me through, please) / reflected glory / to benefit from sb else's prestige
 lǎ ba huā morning glory
 míng chuí qīng shǐ lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom) / fig. achievements will earn eternal glory
 rén jié dì líng illustrious hero, spirit of the place (idiom) / a place derives reflected glory from an illustrious son
 yī jǐn róng guī to come back to one's hometown in silken robes (idiom) / to return in glory
 huáng liáng mèng dream of golden millet / fig. illusions of wealth and glory / pipe dream
 zhuān měi yú qián to monopolize the limelight (idiom) / to get all the glory / to rank highest
退 tián tuì contented / uninterested in wealth and glory
 bì xǐ zūn róng to care nothing for worldly fame and glory (idiom)
 qiān niú shǔ Pharbitis, genus of herbaceous plants including Morning glory 牽牛|牵牛 / (Pharbitis nil)
  morning glory seed
 chī dé kǔ zhōng kǔ , fāng wéi rén shàng rén one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations (proverb) / no pain, no gain
 shū zhōng zì yǒu huáng jīn wū , shū zhōng zì yǒu yán rú yù lit. in books are sumptuous houses and graceful ladies (proverb) / fig. be diligent in your studies, success and glory will follow
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