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 dì fang area / place / space / room / territory / CL:處|处[chu4],個|个[ge4],塊|块[kuai4]
 dì qū local / regional / district (not necessarily formal administrative unit) / region / area / as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture-level city or county level city) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 lǐng yù domain / sphere / field / territory / area
 miàn jī area (of a floor, piece of land etc) / surface area / tract of land
 qū yù area / region / district
 yī fāng a party (in a contract or legal case) / one side / area / region
 dì yù area / district / region
 qū kuài block / segment / section / sector / area
 nóng cūn rural area / village / CL:個|个[ge4]
 tǎo lùn qū forum (esp. online) / discussion area / feedback
 fēn bù to scatter / to distribute / to be distributed (over an area etc) / (statistical, geographic) distribution
 dà piàn wide expanse / large area / vast stretch / extending widely / blockbuster movie
 hòu tái backstage area / behind-the-scenes supporter / (computing) back-end / background
 jǐng qū scenic area
 fēn qū allocated area (for housing, industry etc) / district
 jú yù wǎng local area network (LAN)
 chéng qū city district / urban area
 lǐng dǎo xiǎo zǔ leading small group (LSG), a CPC body that exercises general oversight on matters relating to a specific area (LSG for foreign affairs 外事工作, LSG for comprehensively deepening reforms 全面深化改革 / etc) / aka central leading group
 shān qū mountain area / CL:個|个[ge4]
 quán néng omnipotent / all-round / strong in every area
 fēng jǐng qū landscaped area
 jìn qū restricted area / forbidden region
 Tiān hòu Tin Hau, Empress of Heaven, another name for the goddess Matsu 媽祖|妈祖[Ma1 zu3] / Tin Hau (Hong Kong area around the MTR station with same name)
 yuán dì garden area
 hǎi yù sea area / territorial waters / maritime space
 liú yù river basin / valley / drainage area
 zhǎn wèi relative position of exhibition booth / allocated floor space for display stall / allotted exhibit area
 bèi bù back (rear part of the torso) / back (the area of a vertebrate animal's body on either side of the backbone) / (anatomy) dorsum
 zhàn dì miàn ji floor area / occupied area / footprint (of a building, piece of equipment etc)
 běi jīng dì qū the Beijing area
 jūn qū geographical area of command / (PLA) military district
 xiāng xia countryside / rural area / CL:個|个[ge4]
绿 lu:4 dì green area (e.g. urban park or garden)
 zǒng miàn jī total area / overall surface area
 qū hào area code
 Tiān fǔ Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu) / land of plenty
 shān dì mountainous region / hilly area / hilly country
 zāi qū disaster area / stricken region
 zhōng duàn middle section / middle period / middle area / mid-
 tián jiān field / farm / farming area / village
 nào shì downtown area / city center
 qiē rù to cut into / to incise / to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc) / cut (offensive moves in basketball)
 bǎo shuì qū duty-free district / tariff-free zone / bonded area
沿 yán àn coastal area / littoral or riparian
 kuàng qū mining site / mining area
 dǐng lóu top floor / attic / loft / garret / penthouse / (flat) rooftop (often used as an outdoor living area etc)
 Xú jiā huì Xujiahui, an area in 徐匯區|徐汇区[Xu2 hui4 qu1], Xuhui district, central Shanghai
 fāng zhang square zhang (i.e. unit of area 10 feet square) / monastic room 10 feet square / Buddhist or Daoist abbot / abbot's chamber
 zhù zhái qū residential area / housing development
 biān jiāng border area / borderland / frontier / frontier region
 sǐ jiǎo gap in coverage / gap in protection or defenses / neglected or overlooked area / dead end
 chéng guān area outside a city gate
 pín kùn dì qū poor region / impoverished area
 fā dá dì qū developed area
 jìn dì forbidden area / restricted area / (fig.) sth considered off-limits
 lín chǎng forestry station / forest management area
 yì qū epidemic area
 yán jiū lǐng yù research area / field of research
 gǎng qū port area
广 guǎng yù wǎng wide area network / WAN
 jū mín qū living area / ghetto
 chéng yù wǎng metropolitan area network
 kāi kěn to clear a wild area for cultivation / to put under the plow
绿 lu:4 yīn grassy area
 zì yóu mào yì qū free trade zone / free trade area
 méi jiān the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows / glabella
 biān chuí border area / frontier
 diàn táng customer area of a store / showroom / dining area of a restaurant
 dān chǎn yield per unit area
 Tài suì Tai Sui, God of the year / archaic name for the planet Jupiter 木星[Mu4 xing1] / nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area
 guàn qū area under irrigation
 yī jì zhī cháng proficiency in a particular field (idiom) / skill in a specialized area (idiom)
 nu:3 jiàng female general / (fig.) woman who is a leading figure in her area of expertise
 ān quán qū a safe area / a security zone
 Jiān shā zuǐ Tsim Sha Tsui, urbanized area in Hong Kong
 huāng jiāo desolate area outside a town
 biān qū border area
 shān xiāng mountain area
 gēng dì miàn jī area of arable land
 zhòng zāi qū area particularly hard-hit by a disaster / disaster area
 gé jiān compartment / booth / cubicle / partitioned-off area
 chōng tián to fill (gap, hole, area, blank) / to pad out / to complement / (dental) filling / filled
  mined area
 Yàn dàng shān Yandang mountains, famous scenic area in southeast Zhejiang
 diàn huà qū hào telephone area code
 Gǎng Aò dì qū Hong Kong and Macao area
 pǔ jiàng precipitation over a large area / widespread rain
 qū mǎ area code / telephone dialing code
 shí chà hǎi Shichahai, scenic area of northwest Beijing with three lakes
 kǎo qū the exam area / the district where an exam takes place
 kòng zhì qū control area / control point
 jiāo yě open area outside the city / countryside
 wài chǎng outer area (of a place that has an inner area) / dining area of a restaurant (as opposed to the kitchen) / outfield (baseball etc) / area outside a venue (e.g. exterior of a stadium) / field (maintenance, testing etc) / (Chinese opera) the area in front of the table on the stage
 jīng jī capital city and its surrounding area
 Yàn dàng Yandang mountains, famous scenic area in southeast Zhejiang
 zé rèn qū area of responsibility
 sǎn jū (of a group of people) to live scattered over an area
 huáng bān macula lutea (anatomy, central area of retina) / yellow spot
 jǐng bèi qū garrison area / command
 Tiān fǔ zhī guó land of plenty / Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu)
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