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 Hù lián wǎng Internet
 wǎng jì Internet / net / cyber-
 wǎng lù network (computer, telecom) / Internet / Taiwanese term for 網絡|网络[wang3 luo4]
 Yīn tè wǎng Internet
 diàn nǎo wǎng computer network / Internet
 wǎng jì wǎng lù Internet
 diàn nǎo wǎng luò Internet
 guó jì hù lián wǎng luò Internet
 guó jì wǎng luò global network / Internet
 wǎng jì wǎng luò Internet
 shàng wǎng to go online / to connect to the Internet / (of a document etc) to be uploaded to the Internet / (tennis, volleyball etc) to move in close to the net
 guàn shuǐ to irrigate / to pour water into / to inject water into meat to increase its weight (plumping) / to cook the books / to post low-value messages (small talk etc) on Internet forums
 wǎng bā Internet café
 Bǎi dù Baidu, Internet portal and search engine, www.baidu.com, listed as BIDU on NASDAQ since 1999
 zhí bō live broadcast (not recorded) / direct Internet broadcasting / (agriculture) direct seeding
 Yǎ hǔ Yahoo, Internet portal
 zhì dǐng to sticky (an Internet forum thread etc)
 wǎng luò diàn huà Voice over Internet Protocol
 wǎng guān network router / gateway (to Internet or between networks)
 bō kè radio broadcast / podcast / Internet audio subscription service
线 duàn xiàn (of a guitar, kite etc) to have a string break / (of a tradition etc) to be discontinued / (telephone or Internet connection) disconnected / cut off
 wǎng chóng Internet addict
线 wú xiàn shàng wǎng wireless Internet access
 shí míng zhì system for identifying users (on a rail network, the Internet etc)
 hǎi guī turtle / Internet slang for 海歸|海归[hai3 gui1]
 pào bā to spend time in a bar (alcohol, Internet etc) / to go clubbing
 shuǐ jūn navy (archaic) / person employed to post messages on the Internet (abbr. for 網絡水軍|网络水军[Wang3 luo4 shui3 jun1])
 shuā píng flooding (on an Internet forum etc)
 wǎng yǐn Internet addiction / net addiction / web addiction
 rè tiě hot thread (in an Internet forum)
 jiàng zǐ dark reddish purple / Internet slang abbr. for 這樣子|这样子[zhe4 yang4 zi5]
 Pǐ zi Cài Rowdy Cai (1969-), Taiwanese Internet writer
 wǎng luò hóng rén Internet celebrity
 wǎng luò yǔ yán Internet language / Internet slang / netspeak / cyberspeak
 hé xiè river crab / Internet censorship (pun on "harmonious" 和諧|和谐[he2 xie2], which is blocked by the great firewall of China)
 shén mǎ mythical horse / Internet slang for 什麼|什么[shen2 me5]
 Yīng tè wǎng variant of 因特網|因特网[Yin1 te4 wang3], Internet
 bā bar (loanword) (serving drinks, or providing Internet access etc) / to puff (on a pipe etc) / (onom.) bang / abbr. for 貼吧|贴吧[tie1 ba1]
 bǎi dù variant or erroneous form of 百度, PRC internet portal
 wǎng yǒu online friend / Internet user
 Gǔ gē Google, Internet company and search engine
 dài biǎo to wear a watch / a homophone for 代表 / used to avoid Internet censorship in the PRC
 hù lián wǎng yòng hù Internet user
 hù lián wǎng zhàn Internet site
 wǎng jì diàn huà Internet phone
 wǎng jì wǎng lù xié huì Internet Society
 wǎng jì xié dìng Internet protocol / IP
 wǎng luò liú lǎn qì network browser / Internet browser
 yīn tè wǎng lián tōng Internet connection
 yīn tè wǎng tí gōng shāng Internet service provider (ISP)
 wǎng liàn online love affair / cyberdate / Internet dating
 wǔ máo fifty cents (0.5 RMB) / (fig.) paltry sum of money / (abbr. for 五毛黨|五毛党[wu3 mao2 dang3]) hired Internet commenter
·  Sir Tim Berners-Lee (1955-), British computer scientist and creator of the internet
 fēn bù shì jù jué fú wù distributed denial of service (DDOS) form of Internet attack
 guó jì wǎng luò gōng sī Internet company
 guó jì wǎng luò mén hù Internet portal
 shài kè person who shares their experiences and thoughts with others on the Internet
 Lǐ Yàn hóng Robin Li (1968-), founder and CEO of Baidu 百度, a PRC Internet company
 xiē cài Stop it! (Beijing and Internet slang) / Game over! / You're dead!
 táo kè talk (loanword) / chatline of PRC Internet company Taobao, taokshop.com
 Huǒ xīng wén lit. Martian language / fig. Internet slang used to communicate secret messages that the general public or government can't understand
 bǎi dù shí dà shén shòu The Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures (a set of hoax animals and puns linked to PRC internet censorship)
 Dào bǎn dǎng Pirate Party, political movement whose main goal is to reform copyright law in line with the Internet era
 gǔ gē variant of 谷歌, Google internet company and search engine
绿·  Green Dam Youth Escort, internet content-control software (abbreviated to 綠壩|绿坝[Lu:4 ba4])
 wǎng tè anonymous state-sponsored Internet commentator / abbr. for 網絡特工|网络特工
 wǎng jìn Internet censorship
 wǎng luò lǐ yǔ Internet slang / netspeak / cyberspeak
 wǎng luò chéng yǐn Internet addiction / net addiction / web addiction
 wǎng luò tè gōng anonymous state-sponsored Internet commentator
 wǎng gòu Internet shopping / to purchase online
 wǎng lù tè wu anonymous state-sponsored Internet commentator
 cǎo ní mǎ grass mud horse / used as a substitute for 肏你媽|肏你妈[cao4 ni3 ma1], to mock or avoid censorship on the Internet
 wàn wéi wǎng lián hé tǐ W3C, global Internet steering committee
IP地 i p dì zhǐ Internet Protocol Address / IP address
 cǎo ní mǎ grass mud horse / used as a substitute for 肏你媽|肏你妈[cao4 ni3 ma1], to mock or avoid censorship on the Internet
 hù lián wǎng míng chēng yǔ shù zì dì zhǐ fēn pèi jī gòu Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
绿· lu:4 bà · huā jì hù háng Green Dam Youth Escort, Internet content-control software (abbreviated to 綠壩|绿坝[Lu:4 ba4])
 yīn tè wǎng fú wù tí gòng shāng Internet Service Provider
  Internet for Population Research
  Internet exchange point
  Global Internet Policy Initiative
  Internet security
  Working Group on Internet Governance
  Internet Governance Forum
 wǎng luò jù mó internet troll / troll
  Internet governance
 wǎng hóng Internet celebrity
  Internet Law and Policy Forum
  WIPO Internet Domain Name Process
  Internet Assistant
  Working Group on Internet Matters
  International Conference on Combating Child Pornography on the Internet
  Internet Engineering Task Force
  Internet Document Records, Information and Tracking System
线  wireless Internet Service Provider / wireless ISP
  Environmental Information System on the Internet
  Declaration on freedom of communication on the Internet
  Internet Protocol
IP协 IPxié yì Internet Protocol
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