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 lǐng yù domain / sphere / field / territory / area
 dì pán domain / territory under one's control / foundation of a building / base of operations / crust of earth
 lǐng dì territory / domain / estate / (old) fief
 bǎn tú domain / territory
 dìng yì yù domain (math.)
 yù field / region / area / domain (taxonomy)
 wǎng yù kòng zhì qì domain
  domain of scale / domain
 yù míng domain name (computing)
 yù míng zhù cè domain name registration
 zōng zhǔ head of a clan / natural leader / person of prestige and authority in a domain / suzerain
 Nán yuàn Nanyuan or "Southern Park", an imperial hunting domain during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, now the site of Nanhaizi Park in the south of Beijing
 Sà mó Satsuma, the name of a former feudal domain in Japan, and of a former province, a battleship, a district, a peninsula etc
 jìn luán exclusive property / forbidden domain
 huán large domain / extensive region
 diào hǔ lí shān to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains (idiom) / to lure an enemy away from his territory
 fú tián field for growing happiness / domain for practices leading to enlightenment (Buddhism)
 yù míng fú wù qì domain name server
 yù míng qiǎng zhù cybersquatting / domain squatting
 bì yù closed domain / algebraically closed field (math.), e.g. complex number field 複數域|复数域[fu4 shu4 yu4]
 guó jì huà yù míng Internationalized Domain Name
  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
 tòng yòng zuì gāo yù generic Top-Level Domain
 guó jiā biān mǎ zuì gāo yù míng country code top-level domain
  WIPO Internet Domain Name Process
 běi měi zuì gāo yù míng zǔ zhī North America Top-Level Domain Organization
 zuì gāo yù top-level domain
  Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries
  public domain
  European Registry of Internet Domain Names / Eurid
  Latin American & Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domain Organization / Latin American and Caribbean Top-Level Domain Association
  Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association
  Africa Top-Level Domain Association
  Domain Name System
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