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 dǎ yìn to print / to seal / to stamp
 fēng bì to seal / to close / to confine / to seal off / to close down / sealed / confined / closed / unreceptive
 fēng yìn seal (on envelopes)
 yìn zhāng seal / signet / chop / stamp / CL:方[fang1]
 jiā gài to seal (with official stamp) / to stamp / fig. to ratify / to put lid on (cooking pot) / to cap / to build an extension or additional storey
 yìn zhèng to seal / to confirm / to corroborate / to verify
 jì hao mark / symbol / notation / seal
 hǎi bào seal (zoology)
 fēng tiáo seal
 tú zhāng stamp / seal / CL:方[fang1]
 fēng gài cap / seal / cover / to cover / blocked shot (basketball)
 fēng pí outer skin / envelope / cover / (legal) seal
 chuō jì stamp / seal
 zhāng chapter / section / clause / movement (of symphony) / seal / badge / regulation / order
 yìn to print / to mark / to engrave / a seal / a print / a stamp / a mark / a trace / image
 fēng to confer / to grant / to bestow a title / to seal / classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters
 fú mark / sign / talisman / to seal / to correspond to / tally / symbol / written charm / to coincide
 jiān letters / to close / to seal
 zhuàn seal (of office) / seal script (a calligraphic style) / the small seal 小篆 / and great seal 大篆 / writing in seal script
 qián latch of door / seal
 bāo fēng to seal / to close up a package with a seal
 chuō r stamp / seal
 chuō zi stamp / seal
 xǐ yìn seal (esp. of ruler)
 fēng jì seal
  seal (v) borders
 zhāng zi seal / stamp
 mì fēng to seal up
 fēng zhuāng to encapsulate / to enclose / to wrap / to seal inside
 fēng suǒ to blockade / to seal off
 gōng zhāng official seal
 gài zhāng to affix a seal / to stamp (a document) / to sign off on sth
 chá fēng to sequester / to seize (assets) / to seal up / to close down
 fēng cún to sequester / to seal up (for safe keeping) / to freeze (an account) / to mothball
 bì guān to close the passes / to seal off the country / seclusion (monastic practice, e.g. of Chan Buddhists)
 zhuàn kè carving a seal
 kè yìn to engrave a seal / stamp mark / to print with carved type / to leave a deep impression
 yìn jiàn seal impression / stamp / mark from a seal serving as signature
 jiā fēng to seal up (a door with a paper seal, or a document) / to confer an additional title on a nobleman
 zhuàn shū seal script (Chinese calligraphic style)
 yù zhú angular Solomon's seal / Polygonatum odoratum
 huáng jīng King Solomon's seal (plant of genus Polygonatum)
 dà yìn stamp / official seal
 yìn xìn official seal / legally binding seal
 jīn yìn golden seal / characters tattooed on a convict's face
 xiǎo zhuàn the small or lesser seal, the form of Chinese character standardized by the Qin dynasty
 yìn ní red ink paste used for seal
 hǎi gǒu fur seal
 bì guān suǒ guó to close the passes and seal off the country / to close a country to exclude foreign contact
 guān yìn official seal
 gài yìn to affix a seal / to stamp (a document)
 guān fáng security measures (esp. border security) / official seal (esp. military seal during Qing and Ming times)
 guó xǐ seal of state
 fēng wǎng to intercept at the net (volleyball, tennis etc) / (computing) to seal off a network
 dà zhuàn the great seal / used narrowly for 籀文 / used broadly for many pre-Qin scripts
 xǐ ruler's seal
 shòu cord on a seal
 nà see 膃肭|腽肭, fur seal or its blubber
 zhòu (writing) / to develop / seal script used throughout the pre-Han period
 fú ribbon for a seal / sash
 yāo jīn yī zǐ golden seal at the waist, purple gown (idiom) / in official position
 hù fēng dust jacket (of a book) / protective cover / document seal
 ní fēng to seal jars etc with mud, clay or lute / lute / luting
 yìn bà zi seal of authority / official seal
 yìn xǐ official seal / imperial or royal seal / papal bull
 yìn hé seal case / box for seal and ink pad
 yìn niǔ decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
 yìn pǔ collection of seal stamps
 yìn niǔ decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
 yìn bí decorated knob protruding from seal, allowing it to be strung on a cord
 Shǐ zhòu piān Shizhoupian, early school primer in great seal script 大篆[da4 zhuan4], attributed to King Xuan of Zhou 周宣王[Zhou1 Xuan1 wang2] but probably dating from c. 500 BC
 fēng gǎng to seal off a port
 mí fēng to sign across the seal (as a precaution against fraud)
 bān hǎi bào spotted seal (Phoca largha)
 hǎi bào kē Phocidae, family within Carnivora including seal
 shí gǔ wén early form of Chinese characters inscribed in stone, a precursor of the small seal 小篆[xiao3 zhuan4]
 Qín zhuàn seal script as unified by the Qin dynasty / the small seal 小篆 / and great seal 大篆
 zhòu wén seal script used throughout the pre-Han period
 zhòu shū seal script used throughout the pre-Han period
 Měi guó guó huī the Great Seal of the United States
 wà nà fur seal or its blubber / see 膃肭獸|腽肭兽 / and 膃肭臍|腽肭脐
 wà nà shòu fur seal / Callorhinus ursinus Linnaeus
 wà nà qí penis and testes of fur seal (used in TCM)
 háng huī airline emblem / travel company seal
 xiàng hǎi bào elephant seal
 xǐ variant of 璽|玺 / ruler's seal
 niǎo chóng shū bird writing, a calligraphic style based on seal script 篆书, but with characters decorated as birds and insects
"签"  Seal the Deal!
 huán jìng hé gé biāo jì environmental seal of approval
  rotary shaft seal
  Action Plan for the Management of the Mediterranean monk seal
 sēng hǎi bào monk seal
  North Pacific Fur Seal Commission
 jí zhuāng xiāng fēng tiáo container seal
  Seal for Approved Municipalities
 yù bǎo imperial seal
 wěi ruí angular Solomon's seal (Polygonatum odoratum)
 xián zhāng recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc
 hú míng (old) to seal an examinee's name on the examination paper to prevent fraud
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