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 tiáo kuǎn clause (of contract or law) / CL:項|项[xiang4]
 tiáo strip / item / article / clause (of law or treaty) / classifier for long thin things (ribbon, river, road, trousers etc)
 tiáo wén clause / explanatory section in a document
 cóng jù clause
 zǐ jù clause (grammar)
 duǎn jù clause
 zhāng chapter / section / clause / movement (of symphony) / seal / badge / regulation / order
 jù sentence / clause / phrase / classifier for phrases or lines of verse
 fēn jù clause (grammar)
 suǒ actually / place / classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc / that which / particle introducing a relative clause or passive / CL:個|个[ge4]
 cái a moment ago / just now / (indicating sth happening later than expected) / (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until / (followed by a numerical clause) only
 ràng to yield / to permit / to let sb do sth / to have sb do sth / to make sb (feel sad etc) / by (indicates the agent in a passive clause, like 被[bei4])
 dàn shū proviso / qualifying clause
 rú shì wǒ wén so I have heard (idiom) / the beginning clause of Buddha's quotations as recorded by his disciple, Ananda (Buddhism)
 tiáo jiàn jù conditional clause
 bīn yǔ guān xì cóng jù object relative clause
 zhǔ wèi jù subject-predicate sentence / subject-predicate clause
 miǎn péi tiáo kuǎn franchise clause (insurance)
 bǎo zhàng tiáo kuǎn saving clause
 zǔ fù tiáo kuǎn grandfather clause
 xuǎn chū tiáo kuǎn opt-out clause
 guó nèi guǎn xiá tiáo kuǎn domestic jurisdiction clause
  UNCITRAL Model Arbitration Clause
  sunset clause
 zuì hòu tiáo kuǎn final clause
  budget flexibility clause
  disconnection clause
 miǎn chú yì wù tiáo kuǎn walk-away clause
  exemption clause
 xǐ mǎ lā yǎ tiáo kuǎn Himalaya clause
 shòu quán tiáo kuǎn Differential and More Favourable Treatment, Reciprocity and Fuller Participation of Developing Countries / Enabling Clause
 fǎn duì chéng xù objection procedure / opting-out clause
 bǎo liú tiáo kuǎn saving clause
  most-favoured-nation clause
 zuì dài nǔ lì tiáo kuǎn best efforts clause / best endeavours clause
 yīng sù huā tiáo kuǎn poppy clause
  collective action clause
  Supremacy Clause
  exculpatory clause
  optional clause
  indemnity clause
  Martens Clause
  choice of forum clause
  choice of forum clause
  choice of law clause
  choice of law clause
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