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访 cǎi fǎng to interview / to gather news / to hunt for and collect / to cover
 fù gài to cover
 yǎn hù to screen / to shield / to cover / protection / cover / CL:面[mian4]
 bèi quilt / by / (indicates passive-voice clauses) / (literary) to cover / to meet with / (coll.) (since c. 2009) used before a verb that does not accurately represent what actually happened, to describe with black humor how sb or sth was dealt with by the authorities (as in 被自殺|被自杀[bei4 zi4 sha1])
 bāo to cover / to wrap / to hold / to include / to take charge of / to contract (to or for) / package / wrapper / container / bag / to hold or embrace / bundle / packet / CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
 gài lid / top / cover / canopy / to cover / to conceal / to build
 tào to cover / to encase / cover / sheath / to overlap / to interleave / to model after / to copy / formula / harness / loop of rope / (fig.) to fish for / to obtain slyly / classifier for sets, collections / bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names) / tau (Greek letter Ττ)
 fēng miàn cover (of a publication)
 wài ké envelope / outer shell / hull / cover / case
 hán gài to cover / to comprise / to include
 wǔ zhù to cover / to bury one's face
 zhē yǎn to cover / to mask / to cover up or conceal (the truth etc)
 gài shang to cover
 zhē zhù to cover (up) / to block / to obstruct / to shade
 gài zi cover / lid / shell
 zhē gài to hide / to cover (one's tracks)
 bèi wō quilt wrapped around the body as a tube (traditional bedding) / (contemporary) bedding / quilt / blankets / cover / bed
 zhē bì to cover / to hide from view / to obstruct or block / defilade (military)
 tào zi sheath / case / cover / conventional method / cliché / trick / (coll.) condom
 gài tóu cover / cap / topping / head covering / veil
 fēng gài cap / seal / cover / to cover / blocked shot (basketball)
 yǎn bì shelter / screen / cover / protection
 fēng pí outer skin / envelope / cover / (legal) seal
 bāo luó to include / to cover / to embrace
 zhào zi cover / casing
 méng to cover / ignorant / to suffer (misfortune) / to receive (a favor) / to cheat
 mào to emit / to give off / to send out (or up, forth) / to brave / to face / reckless / to falsely adopt (sb's identity etc) / to feign / (literary) to cover
 fù to cover / to overflow / to overturn / to capsize
 lóng enclosing frame made of bamboo, wire etc / cage / basket / steamer basket / to cover / to cage / to embrace / to manipulate through trickery
 lǒng to cover / to cage / covering / also pr. [long2]
 zhào cover / fish trap (basket) / shade
 bì to cover / to shield / to screen / to conceal
 bì to protect / cover / shelter / hide or harbor
 yǎn suddenly / abruptly / hastily / to cover / to surround
 bǎo dense foliage / to cover
 mén lay hands on / to cover
 ài to cover / to hide / to conceal
 yà cover / radical no 146
 shǒu yè home page (of a website) / title page / front page / first page / fig. beginning / cover letter
 yǎn shì to cover up / to conceal / to mask / to gloss over
 fù fèi to pay / to cover the costs
 yǐn mán to conceal / to hide (a taboo subject) / to cover up the truth
 biàn bù to cover the whole (area) / to be found throughout
 yǎn gài to conceal / to hide behind / to cover up
 yuè guò to cross over / to transcend / to cover distance / to overcome / to rise above
 yǐn bì to conceal / to hide / covert / under cover
 fú wù fèi service charge / cover charge
 qián fú to hide / to cover up / to conceal
 jī xuě snow / snow cover / snow mantle
 mì bù to cover densely
 zhí bèi vegetation / plant cover
 duǒ cáng to conceal oneself / to go into hiding / to take cover
 ān quán bǎo hù security cover
 jiāo qián to pay up / to shell out / to hand over the money to cover sth
 bèi tào quilt cover / to have money stuck (in stocks, real estate etc)
 yǐn nì to cover up / to hide / to conceal
 cáng nì to cover up / to conceal / to go into hiding
穿 chuān bāng (TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
 qiú zhí xìn cover letter / job application
 bào tóu to put one's hands behind one's head, fingers interlaced / to hold one's head in one's hands (in dismay, fright etc) / to cover one's head with one's hands (for protection)
 mǒ shā to erase / to cover traces / to obliterate evidence / to expunge / to blot out / to suppress
 bāo bì to shield / to harbor / to cover up
 yī lǎn wú yú to cover all at one glance (idiom) / a panoramic view
 fēng dǐ the back cover of a book
 fěn shì to paint / to whitewash / to decorate / plaster / fig. to gloss over / to cover up
 dēng zhào cover of lamp / lampshade / glass cover of oil lamp
 hòu gài back cover / shell (of crab etc)
 dùn xíng to vanish / to hide / to cover one's traces
 jīn shǔ wài ké metal cover
 rù bù fū chū income does not cover expenditure / unable to make ends meet
 shùn shǒu qiān yáng lit. to lead away a goat in passing (idiom) / to steal sth under cover of an emergency / to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain
 rén bù kě mào xiàng you can't judge a person by appearance (idiom) / you can't judge a book by its cover / often in combination 人不可貌相,海水不可斗量[ren2 bu4 ke3 mao4 xiang4 , hai3 shui3 bu4 ke3 dou3 liang2]
 zhē xiū to cover up one's embarrassment / to hush up a scandal
 bào tóu shǔ cuàn to cover one's head and sneak away like a rat (idiom) / to flee ignominiously
 yǎn ěr dào líng lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell / to deceive oneself / to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)
 fēng èr inside front cover
 bō li zhào glass cover / bell glass
 fēng sān inside back cover
 xié tào overshoe / shoe cover
 shǒu rì fēng first day cover (philately)
 shū pí book cover / book jacket
 jiě cháo to try to cover up in an embarrassing situation / to justify oneself / to find excuses
 xiù tào sleeve cover / outer sleeve
 wén guò shì fēi to cover up one's faults (idiom) / to whitewash
 yún liàng cloud cover
 yǎn to cover up / to close / to surprise
 mēn stuffy / shut indoors / to smother / to cover tightly
 zhē to cover up (a shortcoming) / to screen off / to hide / to conceal
 wǔ to enclose / to cover with the hand (one's eyes, nose or ears) / to cover up (an affair) / contrary / to contradict
 dào cover over / to envelope
 yān to inundate / to bury / to cover up / obscured / submerged
 mì power / exponent (math.) / to cover with a cloth / cloth cover / veil
 ǎn to apply (medicinal powder to a wound) / to cover up / to conceal
 mì cover of tripod kettle
 tǎn pay an advance / silk book cover
 àn dù Chén cāng lit. secretly crossing the Wei River 渭河[Wei4 He2] at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦[Liu2 Bang1] in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 項羽|项羽[Xiang4 Yu3] of Chu) / fig. to feign one thing while doing another / to cheat under cover of a diversion
 bái xuě ái ái brilliant white snow cover (esp. of distant peaks)
 zhì book cover
 yù gài mí zhāng trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous (idiom) / A cover up only makes matters worse.
 wā ròu bǔ chuāng to cut one's flesh to cover a sore (idiom) / faced with a current crisis, to make it worse by a temporary expedient
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