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 mào zi hat / cap / (fig.) label / bad name / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
 jiā gài to seal (with official stamp) / to stamp / fig. to ratify / to put lid on (cooking pot) / to cap / to build an extension or additional storey
 gài tóu cover / cap / topping / head covering / veil
 fēng gài cap / seal / cover / to cover / blocked shot (basketball)
 hǎi fēng cap
便 biàn mào cap
 guān hat / crown / crest / cap
 mào hat / cap
 biàn (old) cap (garment) / military officer of low rank (in former times) / preceding
 mào old variant of 帽[mao4] / hat / cap
便  field cap / summer cap / cap
 chū mǎ to set out (on a campaign) / to stand for election / to throw one's cap in the ring
 fēng dǐng to put a roof (on a building) / to cap the roof (finishing a building project) / fig. to put a ceiling (on spending, prize, ambition etc) / to top off / fig. to reach the highest point (of growth, profit, interest rates) / to stop growing (of plant bud or branch)
 yā shé mào peaked cap
 gāo mào zi tall conical paper hat worn as a public humiliation / dunce cap / (fig.) flattery
 dà gài mào peaked cap / service cap / visor cap
 jī tuǐ gū shaggy ink cap (edible mushroom) / Coprinus comatus
 duān lì telomere, a protective DNA cap on a chromosome
 tán guān xiāng qìng lit. to flick dust off sb's cap (idiom) / to celebrate an official appointment / to congratulate and celebrate (promotion, graduation etc)
 bǐ tào the cap of a pen, pencil or writing brush / the sheath of a pen (made of cloth, silk or thread)
 bǐ mào the cap of a pen, pencil, or writing brush
 móu iron pot / metal cap
 guó cap worn by women / feminine
 qiú ornamental cap
 yán cap tassels
 ruí strings of cap
 yù mào shower cap / CL:頂|顶[ding3]
 yǒng mào swimming cap
 gài céng cap rock
 xǔ cap of Yin dynasty
 mào gū r the ribbon around a cap
 kòu shǐ kuī zi (northern dialect) lit. to cap in excrement / fig. to discredit with absurd unfounded accusations / to vilify
 jùn gài cap of mushroom
 tǎn miǎn to bare one's left arm and take off one's cap as an expression of sorrow
 dǐng dài cap badge (official sign of rank in Qing dynasty)
 qǐ bào guǎn blasting cap
  rotor end cap / rotor cap / end cap
 hòu qín néng lì hé tòng logistic capability contract / log cap contract
  Cap Anamur
  percussion cap / percussion primer
  percussion cap / percussion primer
  cervical cap
 huì jade ornament in the seams of cap
 fāng mào mortarboard / square academic cap
 nèi liù jiǎo yuán zhù tóu luó dīng hexagon socket head cap screw
 jùn zhě lamella (under the cap of a mushroom)
𫄧 yán cap tassels
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