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 nán yǐ zhì xìn hard to believe / incredible
 huāng dàn beyond belief / incredible / preposterous / fantastic
 xuán hū unreliable / incredible
 xié hu extraordinary / severe / exaggerated / overstated / fantastic / incredible
 wèi to exaggerate / incredible
 bù kě zhì xìn unbelievable / incredible
 méi tiān lǐ (old) unprincipled / incorrect / (modern) unnatural / against reason / incredible
 shén sù lightning speed / amazingly rapid / incredible pace of development
 liào shì rú shén to prophesy with supernatural accuracy (idiom) / to have an incredible foresight
 huó jiǔ jiàn (neologism c. 2006) if you live long enough, you'll see everything / Just incredible!
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