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 fēi cháng very / very much / unusual / extraordinary
 tè shū special / particular / unusual / extraordinary
 liǎo bu qǐ amazing / terrific / extraordinary
 chū qí extraordinary / exceptional / unusual
 zhēng róng towering / lofty and steep (mountains) / extraordinary / outstanding
 yì hū xún cháng unusual / extraordinary
 zhuó jué unsurpassed / extreme / extraordinary
 xié hu extraordinary / severe / exaggerated / overstated / fantastic / incredible
 duō duō guài shì strange / absurd / paradoxical / extraordinary
 bù hán hu unambiguous / unequivocal / explicit / prudent / cautious / not negligent / unafraid / unhesitating / really good / extraordinary
 juàn chǔ outstanding / extraordinary / preeminent
 méi séi le (coll.) nobody can beat that / extraordinary / remarkable
 yì cǎi extraordinary splendor
 qí rén an eccentric / odd person / person of extraordinary talent
 hào dà xǐ gōng to rejoice in grandiose deeds / to strive to achieve extraordinary things
 Féng Jì cái Feng Jicai (1942-), novelist from Tianjin, author of Extraordinary people in our ordinary world 俗世奇人
 qí chǐ dà rǔ extraordinary shame and humiliation (idiom)
 wú qí bù yǒu nothing is too bizarre / full of extraordinary things
 tóu jiǎo zhēng róng promise of brilliant young person (idiom) / showing extraordinary gifts
 yòng bīng rú shén to lead military operations with extraordinary skill
 dà fàng yì cǎi to shine (of talents, skills, accomplishment) / to demonstrate extraordinary talent or skill
 diǎo penis / (slang) cool or extraordinary / (Cantonese) to fuck
 bù xún cháng unusual / curious / somewhat extraordinary
 sú shì qí rén Extraordinary people in our ordinary world, short stories by novelist Feng Jicai 馮驥才|冯骥才[Feng2 Ji4 cai2]
 qí néng yì shì extraordinary hero with special abilities / martial arts superhero
 zhì zhū zài wò lit. to hold the pearl of wisdom (idiom) / fig. to be endowed with extraordinary intelligence
 mǎn mù lín láng lit. to fill one's eyes with glittering jewels / a literary masterpiece or sb of extraordinary talent (idiom)
 yì xiàng extraordinary image
  Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers
  Extraordinary Council of Ministers
  simultaneous extraordinary meetings
  extraordinary rendition
  Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Africa
西  Extraordinary Summit of the ECOWAS
  Extraordinary Ministerial Conference of Non-Aligned Countries on Peace and International Law
  Extraordinary Session of the Council of the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment
  Office of Administration of the Extraordinary Chambers
  Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries
  Second Extraordinary Conference of African Union Ministers of Trade
  Extraordinary Measures in Lebanon and the Occupied Territory Fund
  Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit Conference
  Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of Political Cooperation
  Extraordinary Interim Emergency Programme
  Extraordinary Summit of IGAD Heads of State and Government
  Extraordinary Ministerial Conference of Non-Aligned Countries on South-South Cooperation
  Extraordinary Emergency Measures in the Occupied Territories Fund
  Review Committee for the Extraordinary Chambers
  Extraordinary Meeting of African Planning Ministers
  Extraordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government
  Extraordinary Solidarity Conference with the People of South Africa
 yì cái extraordinary talent
 lì dà wú qióng extraordinary strength / super strong / strong as an ox
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