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 chū sè remarkable / outstanding
 xiǎn zhù outstanding / notable / remarkable / statistically significant
 jié chū outstanding / distinguished / remarkable / prominent / illustrious
 nán néng kě guì rare and precious / valuable / remarkable
 bù jiǎn dān not simple / rather complicated / remarkable / marvelous
 cháng zú remarkable (progress, improvement, expansion etc)
 kě quān kě diǎn remarkable (performance, achievement etc) / worthy of praise
 fěi rán (literary) remarkable / brilliant
 bù píng cháng remarkable / remarkably / unusual
 méi séi le (coll.) nobody can beat that / extraordinary / remarkable
 shén tōng remarkable ability / magical power
 shí pò tiān jīng earth-shattering / breakthrough / remarkable and original work
 shén sì similar in expression and spirit / to bear a remarkable resemblance to
广 shén tōng guǎng dà to possess great magical power / to possess remarkable abilities
 yīng líng spirit of a martyr / spirit of the brave departed / person of remarkable talent
 qí wén remarkable work / peculiar writing
 dà xiǎn shén tōng to display one's remarkable skill or prowess / to give full play to one's brilliant abilities
 sān tóu liù bì lit. to have three heads and six arms (idiom) / fig. to possess remarkable abilities / a being of formidable powers
 qí wén gòng shǎng lit. remarkable work appreciated by all (idiom) / universally praised (original meaning) / incomprehensible nonsense / preposterous bullshit
 xiǎn zhù outstanding / notable / remarkable
 yì shì sth else / a separate matter / not the same thing / with different jobs (not colleagues) / a remarkable thing / sth special / an odd thing / sth strange or incomprehensible
 shén miào juàn měi outstanding and elegant / remarkable and refined
 zōng jiàng person with remarkable academic or artistic attainments / master craftsman / highly esteemed person
 yī shí Yú Liàng two remarkable persons living at the same period (as 周瑜[Zhou1 Yu2] and 諸葛亮|诸葛亮[Zhu1 ge3 Liang4])
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