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 yīn xùn letters / mail / news / messages / correspondence
 hán jiàn letters / correspondence
 jiān letters / to close / to seal
 fēng liú distinguished and accomplished / outstanding / talented in letters and unconventional in lifestyle / romantic / dissolute / loose
 wén xué jiā writer / man of letters / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dà xiǎo xiě capitals and lowercase letters
 zì cí letters or words / words or phrase
 dà xiě capital letters / uppercase letters / block letters / banker's anti-fraud numerals
 yìng yòng wén applied writing / writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)
 shǒu zì mǔ initial letters
 xī xià at the knee (in reference to children) / (salutation used in letters to parents or grandparents)
 yòng zì to use letters / to use words / diction
 zài bài to bow again / to bow twice (gesture of respect in former times) / (in letters, an expression of respect)
 qiān zì type / movable letters (printing)
 Gōng Zì zhēn Gong Zizhen (1792-1841), Chinese man of letters, calligrapher and poet
 wén dú paperwork / official documents and letters / (old) secretary
 fēng to confer / to grant / to bestow a title / to seal / classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters
 tōng to go through / to know well / (suffix) expert / to connect / to communicate / open / to clear / classifier for letters, telegrams, phone calls etc
 pīn yīn zì mǔ phonetic letters
 wén wǔ shuāng quán well versed in letters and military technology (idiom) / fine scholar and soldier / master of pen and sword
 dà xiě zì mǔ capital letters / uppercase letters
 dú zhě lái xìn Reader's Letters
 jiān a box / letters
 Luó mǎ zì mǔ Roman letters / Roman alphabet
西 Xī lǐ ěr zì mǔ Cyrillic alphabet / Cyrillic letters
 wén xué bó shì Doctor of Letters
 bù qū fēn dà xiǎo xiě case insensitive / not distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
 qū fēn dà xiǎo xiě case sensitive / distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
 bào tiě to announce good news in red letters
 zì mǔ shùn xù order of letters in an alphabet
 Lā dīng wén zì the alphabet / latin letters
 shū xìn jí collected letters
 shū dú letter / wooden writing strips (arch.) / general term for letters and documents
 Cháo xiǎn zì mǔ hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet / Korean letters
 zhòng wén qīng wǔ to value letters and belittle arms (idiom) / to stress civil matters and neglect the military / to prefer the pen to the sword
 fēi lā dīng zì fú non-latin letters
 Hán wén zì mǔ hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet / Korean letters
 tóu hào zì largest typeface / biggest letters
  United Nations Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit
  International Symposium of the Biennium Arts and Letters
  supply officer, general supply and letters of assist
鸿 Gū Hóng míng Ku Hung-ming or Gu Hongming (1857-1928), Malaysian man of letters, highly regarded for his literary works written mostly in English, and known for his monarchist views
 zì mǔ cí word that contains one or more letters of an alphabet (e.g. HSK, PK, WTO, PO文, PM2.5, γ射線|γ射线)
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