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 yīn xùn letters / mail / news / messages / correspondence
 guàn shuǐ to irrigate / to pour water into / to inject water into meat to increase its weight (plumping) / to cook the books / to post low-value messages (small talk etc) on Internet forums
 fā duǎn xìn to text / to send SMS messages
 shuǐ jūn navy (archaic) / person employed to post messages on the Internet (abbr. for 網絡水軍|网络水军[Wang3 luo4 shui3 jun1])
 shōu fā duǎn xìn to text / to receive and send SMS messages
 Huǒ xīng wén lit. Martian language / fig. Internet slang used to communicate secret messages that the general public or government can't understand
  messages in development
 fā wén to issue a document / document issued by an authority / outgoing messages / (Internet) to post an article online
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