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 jì to send / to mail / to entrust / to depend on / to attach oneself to / to live (in a house) / to lodge / foster (son etc)
 yóu jiàn mail / post / email
 yóu jì to mail / to send by post
 jì chū to mail / to send by post
 yīn xùn letters / mail / news / messages / correspondence
 yóu dì to mail / to deliver (through the post)
 xìn letter / mail / CL:封[feng1] / to trust / to believe / to profess faith in / truthful / confidence / trust / at will / at random
 yóu post (office) / mail
 lā jī yóu jiàn junk mail / spam / unsolicited mail
 yóu gòu mail order / to purchase by mail
 tè kuài zhuān dì express mail
 tōng xìn dì zhǐ mail address
 guà hào to register (at a hospital etc) / to send by registered mail
 tiě jiǎ mail plating / armor / armor plating
 kuài jiàn express delivery / express mail or luggage
 píng xìn ordinary mail (as opposed to air mail etc)
 shōu fā shì mail room / radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)
 yóu chē mail van / mail coach
 hán gòu mail order
 kuài xìn letter by express mail
 lìng jì to mail separately
 jì dá to send sth by mail
 jiǎn xìn shì mail sorting office
 shōu bào to receive mail / to receive a telegraph
 shōu bào rén recipient (of mail or a message)
 shōu bào shì mail room / radio reception room
 Měi rì Yóu bào Daily Mail (newspaper)
 háng yóu air mail
 xiàn shí xìn mail to be delivered by a specified time
 tóu dōu helmet / chain mail hung from head to protect neck
驿 yì chuán relay post-horse mail service (in former times)
  Voice Mail System
  Mail and Pouch Unit
  Ad hoc Working Group on Direct Mail Fund-Raising
 yóu jiàn kè hù duān ruǎn jiàn mail user agent
  mail bombing
  Conference on Mail Routing
 wǎng yóu Web mail
  mail action records system
  mail delivery agent
 wō niú yóu jiàn snail mail
  Push e-mail / Push Mail
 tuī sòng yóu jiàn Push e-mail / Push Mail
  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMTP协 SMTPxié yì Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  Mail Clerk Messenger
  Mail Clerk
  Mail Unit Clerk
  Mail Operations Clerk
  direct mail fund-raising
  mail screening
  Mail Operations Subunit
  sanctity of the mail
  use of mail
  Mail and Pouch Clerk
  International Electronic Mail System
  mail order bride
  Mail Operations Unit
  Mail Unit
  Mail, Archives and Records Services Division
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