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 qīng sōng light / gentle / relaxed / effortless / uncomplicated / to relax / to take things less seriously
 guāng míng light / radiance / (fig.) bright (prospects etc) / openhearted
 qīng dàn light (of food, not greasy or strongly flavored) / insipid / slack (sales)
 dēng guāng (stage) lighting / light
线 guāng xiàn light ray / CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4] / light / illumination / lighting (for a photograph)
 qīng wēi slight / light / trivial / to a small extent
 qīng bó light (weight) / frivolous / a philanderer / to scorn / disrespectful
 rán qǐ to ignite / to light / fig. to spark off (hopes, controversy, flames of revolution)
 qīng xíng light (machinery, aircraft etc)
 liàng guāng light / beam of light / gleam of light / light reflected from an object
 diǎn liàng to illuminate / to turn on the lights / to light (a blaze)
 dàn bó thin / light / flagging / faint
 rán fàng to light / to set off (firecrackers etc)
 àn zhào according to / in accordance with / in the light of / on the basis of
 guāng máng rays of light / brilliant rays / radiance
 yī zhào according to / in light of
 qīng shēng quietly / softly / neutral tone / light stress
 yè sè night scene / the dim light of night
 xiǎo yǔ light rain / drizzle
 zhuàng yuán top scorer in the palace examination (highest rank of the Imperial examination system) / see 榜眼[bang3 yan3] and 探花[tan4 hua1] / top scorer in college entrance examination 高考[gao1 kao3] / (fig.) the most brilliantly talented person in the field / leading light
 zhào shè to shine on / to light up / to irradiate
 wēi fēng breeze / light wind
 diǎn xin light refreshments / pastry / dimsum (in Cantonese cooking) / dessert
 qīng yíng graceful / lithe / light and graceful / lighthearted / relaxed
 huǎng rán dà wù to suddenly realize / to suddenly see the light
 dēng pào light bulb / see also 電燈泡|电灯泡[dian4 deng1 pao4] / third-wheel or unwanted third party spoiling a couple's date (slang) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 lù dēng street lamp / street light
 yī dà zǎo at dawn / at first light / first thing in the morning
 guāng huán halo / ring of light
 guāng yuán light source
 zhào liàng to illuminate / to light up / lighting
 qīng qiǎo dexterous / deft / easy / light and easy to use / nimble / agile / lithe / graceful
 diǎn huǒ to ignite / to light a fire / to agitate / to start an engine / ignition / fig. to stir up trouble
 miàn shì to be published (of art, literary works etc) / to come out / to take shape / to see the light of day
 qīng kuài light and quick / brisk / spry / lively / effortless / relaxed / agile / blithe
 zhú guāng candle light / candle-lit (vigil etc) / candela, unit of luminous intensity (cd)
 guāng yǐng light and shadow / sunlight and shade
 qīng gōng light engineering
 hóng dēng red light
 líng guāng divine light (around the Buddha) / a halo / a miraculous column of light / (slang) jolly good!
 fǎn guāng to reflect light
便 qīng biàn lightweight and portable / light and convenient
 yín guāng silvery light / bright white light / shining white light
 diàn guāng electric light / lightning / electro-optical
 bèi guāng to be in a poor light / to do sth with one's back to the light / to stand in one's own light
 qīng gōng yè light industry
 qīng miáo dàn xiě to sketch in light shades / to play down / to deemphasize (idiom)
 jiē fā to expose / to bring to light / to disclose / revelation
 guāng shù light beam
 guāng sù the speed of light
 diàn dēng electric light / CL:盞|盏[zhan3]
 xiào tán object of ridicule / laughingstock / to laugh over sth / to make light chat
 qīng piāo piāo light as a feather
 wǎn diǎn (of trains etc) late / delayed / behind schedule / light dinner
 liú míng lumen (unit of light flux) (loanword)
 bǐ zhào according to / in the light of / contrast
 qīng guǐ light rail / transit system (underground, at street level or elevated) / streetcar / metro / abbr. for 輕型軌道交通|轻型轨道交通[qing1 xing2 gui3 dao4 jiao1 tong1]
 dàn lán sè light blue
 qiǎn sè light color
 dēng guǎn fluorescent light
 qīng fēng breeze / light wind
绿 lu:4 dēng green light
绿 hóng lu:4 dēng traffic light / traffic signal
 shuǐ luò shí chū as the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom) / the truth comes to light
 guāng tiān huà rì the full light of day (idiom) / fig. peace and prosperity / in broad daylight
 guāng zhù light beam / light pillar (atmospheric optics)
 dà niú (coll.) leading light / superstar / badass / (coll.) higher-priced model of Lamborghini
 xiāng gān relevant / to have to do with / coherent (Physics: light etc)
 kāi dēng to turn on the light
 qīng yīn yuè light music
 xìn hào dēng signal light / car indicator
 shēng huǒ to make a fire / to light a fire
 qīng shā light muslin / gauze
 guāng bō light wave
 liǔ àn huā míng lit. the willow trees make the shade, the flowers give the light (idiom) / at one's darkest hour, a glimmer of hope / light at the end of the tunnel
 chuǎng hóng dēng to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
 qīng qí light cavalry / light motorcycle / moped
 rì guāng dēng fluorescent light
 yǔ huà levitation (of Daoist immortal) / to become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven / (in Daoism) to become immortal / to die / of winged insects, to emerge from the cocoon in adult form / eclosion
 shāo huǒ to light a fire for cooking
 bái chì dēng incandescent light
 mí sàn to dissipate everywhere (of light, sound, gas etc)
 diàn dēng pào light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
 kāi guāng eye-opening ceremony for a religious idol (Buddhism) / to consecrate / to bless / transparent / translucent / haircut / shaving the head or face (humorous) / a method of decoration / first light (astronomy)
 guāng néng light energy (e.g. solar)
 dàn huáng light yellow
 dàn zhuāng light makeup
 liú guāng yì cǎi lit. flowing light and overflowing color / brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom)
 tiǎo dēng to light a lamp / to raise a lantern
 wěi dēng tail light (on vehicle)
 sàn guāng to diffuse light / see also 散光[san3 guang1]
 kě jiàn guāng visible light / light in optical spectrum
 bì dēng wall lamp / bracket light / CL:盞|盏[zhan3]
 zhào dù jì lux meter / light meter
 sè guāng colored light
 shā chē dēng brake light
 yī xiào zhì zhī to dismiss with a laugh / to make light of
 mēng mēng liàng dawn / the first glimmer of light
 zǐ wài guāng ultraviolet light
 bào lù wú yí to lay bare / to come to light
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