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 dēng guāng (stage) lighting / light
 zhào míng lighting / illumination
线 guāng xiàn light ray / CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4] / light / illumination / lighting (for a photograph)
 zhào liàng to illuminate / to light up / lighting
 cǎi guāng lighting / day lighting
 huǒ chái match (for lighting fire) / CL:根[gen1],盒[he2]
 rén gōng zhào liàng artificial lighting
 guāng yǐng xiào lighting effect
 tiān rán zhào liàng natural lighting
 diàn zhào míng electric lighting
  Group of Rapporteurs on Lighting and Light-Signalling
  auto-station for airfield lighting
  container airport lighting unit
  task lighting
 qǔ dēng r (dialect) match (for lighting fire)
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