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 zhì néng intelligent / able / smart (phone, system, bomb etc)
 zhì huì wisdom / knowledge / intelligent / intelligence
 cōng ming intelligent / clever / bright / smart / acute (of sight and hearing)
 líng lì clever / witty / intelligent
 dǒng shì sensible / thoughtful / intelligent
 cōng huì bright / witty / intelligent
 cōng yǐng smart / intelligent
 zhì móu resourceful / intelligent
 cōng mǐn quick / bright / intelligent / clever / brilliant
 huì xiá intelligent / bright / sharp
 míng huì intelligent / brilliant
 yǐng wù intelligent / bright
 huì intelligent
 cōng quick at hearing / wise / clever / sharp-witted / intelligent / acute
 xuān usually used in a name / clever / intelligent
 líng lì variant of 伶俐, clever / witty / intelligent
 dá arrive at / reach / intelligent / variant of 達|达[da2]
 miù qiǎo plan / scheme / intelligent / quick-witted
𫍽 xuān usually used in a name / clever / intelligent
 jùn qiào attractive and intelligent / charming / elegant
 shuǐ wāng wāng watery / waterlogged (soil) / limpid / bright and intelligent (eyes)
 zhì néng kòng zhì intelligent control
 xiù wài huì zhōng good-looking and intelligent (idiom)
 jīng míng qiáng gàn intelligent and capable (idiom)
 bīng xuě cōng ming exceptionally intelligent (idiom)
 zhì néng dà lóu intelligent building
 zhì néng shè jì intelligent design (religion)
 zhì néng cái liào intelligent materials
 zhì néng jiāo tòng xì tǒng intelligent transport system
  intelligent geographical informative system
 yǐng yì highly intelligent / original and unique
 cōng ming jué dǐng highly intelligent (idiom)
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