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 qí guài strange / odd / to marvel / to be baffled
 líng zero / nought / zero sign / fractional / fragmentary / odd (of numbers) / (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one) / fraction / (in mathematics) remainder (after division) / extra / to wither and fall / to wither
 qí yì fantastic / bizarre / odd / exotic / astonished
 lí qí odd / bizarre
 qī qiāo odd / queer / strange / fishy / Taiwan pr. [xi1 qiao1]
 zuò guài (of a ghost) to make strange things happen / to act up / to act behind the scenes / to make mischief / odd / to misbehave (euphemism for having sex)
 líng tóu odd / scrap / remainder
 zhēn guài odd / unusual / I can't believe that ...
 jī odd (number)
 qí strange / odd / weird / wonderful / surprisingly / unusually
 jī odd / one horn up and one horn down
 líng líng xīng xīng odd / piecemeal / fragmentary
 dān ge single / alone / individually / an odd one
 chū tóu to get out of a predicament / to stick out / to take the initiative / remaining odd fraction after a division / a little more than
 xīn qí novelty / new and odd
 qí rén an eccentric / odd person / person of extraordinary talent
 dǎ zá to do odd jobs / to do unskilled work
 dān shù positive odd number (also written 奇數|奇数) / singular (grammar)
 yì zhuàng unusual condition / something odd / strange shape
 jī shù odd number
 jī ǒu parity / odd and even
 qí tán odd story / exotic tale / fig. ridiculous argument
 líng gōng temporary job / odd job
 zá yì odd jobs / part-time worker
 qí shì odd person / an eccentric
 duǎn gōng temporary job / odd job / seasonal worker
 dān bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qín wù yuán odd job man / army orderly
 yī lín bàn zhuǎ lit. one scale and half a claw (idiom) / only odd bits and pieces
 jī lopsided / unbalanced / abnormal / irregular / odd fractional remnant
 zá huó odd jobs
 gǔ lǐ gǔ guài quaint / odd and picturesque / weird and wonderful
 zhēn yì rare / precious and odd
 qín zá odd jobs / servant or army orderly doing odd jobs
 jī hán shù odd function (math.)
 wěi zi tail / end / small change / odd sum remaining after large round number
 guài yàng odd expression / funny looks / queer face / to grimace / to give sb funny looks / to pull faces
 yì shì sth else / a separate matter / not the same thing / with different jobs (not colleagues) / a remarkable thing / sth special / an odd thing / sth strange or incomprehensible
 jī líng fractional part of a real number / odd fractional remnant / lone person / solitary
 mò míng qí miào odd / baffling / unaccountable / mysterious / boring (e.g. movie)
 gēn bāo to work as footman / to do odd jobs / to understudy (an opera actor)
 dān hào odd number (on a ticket, house etc)
 guài qiāng guài diào strange accent / odd manner of speaking or singing
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