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 dān dú alone / by oneself / on one's own
 dú zì alone
 dān ge single / alone / individually / an odd one
 gū shēn alone / lonely
 zhī shēn alone / by oneself
 dú dú alone
 jié rán solitary / lonely / alone
 dú alone / independent / single / sole / only
 wéi -ism / only / alone
 dīng alone
 qióng alone / desolate
 qióng variant of 煢|茕[qiong2] / alone / desolate
 yī gè rén by oneself (without assistance) / alone (without company)
 qiè qiè alone / solitary
 kōng shēn empty handed (carrying nothing) / alone
 qióng alone / solitary
 dú gè alone
 dú lì independent / independence / to stand alone
 hé kuàng let alone / to say nothing of / besides / what's more
 dú chǔ to live alone / to spend time alone (or with a significant other)
 fàng rèn to ignore / to let alone / to indulge
 gū líng líng lone / isolated and without help / all alone / solitary
 wéi dú only / solely / this one alone
 dú jū to live alone / to live a solitary existence
 wú dú yǒu ǒu not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.) / not a unique occurrence / it's not the only case
 luò dān to be on one's own / to be left alone / to be left out
 dú bù lit. walking alone / prominent / unrivalled / outstanding
 dú lái dú wǎng coming and going alone (idiom) / a lone operator / keeping to oneself / unsociable / maverick
 fàng yáng to tend a flock of sheep / to let sheep out to pasture / fig. to throw off the reins / to leave sb alone / acting freely and irresponsibly
 huáng lùn let alone / not to mention
 dú duàn to decide alone without consultation / arbitrary / dictatorial
 dú zhuó to drink alone
 líng dīng alone and helpless / also written 零丁
 dú duàn dú xíng to decide and act alone (idiom) / to take arbitrary action / a law unto oneself
 dān dāo fù huì lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom) / fig. to go alone into enemy lines
 jié all alone
 qù quiet / to live alone
 jǔ hunchbacked / walk alone
 dú duàn zhuān xíng to decide and act alone (idiom) / to take arbitrary action / a law unto oneself
 jǔ jǔ dú xíng to walk alone (idiom)
 jié rán yī shēn to be all alone in the world
 gū shēn zhī yǐng lit. a lonely body with only a shadow for company / to be all alone (idiom)
 ní pú sà guò jiāng a clay Bodhisattva fording a river / unable to save oneself, let alone others
 qióng qióng jié lì to stand all alone
 gù yǐng zì lián lit. looking at one's shadow and feeling sorry for oneself (idiom) / fig. alone and dejected
 yī ge bā zhǎng pāi bù xiǎng lit. one palm alone cannot clap (proverb) / fig. it takes two persons to start a dispute / it takes two to tango / it's difficult to achieve anything without support
 yī mù nán zhī lit. a single post cannot prop up a falling house (idiom) / fig. one is helpless alone
 jié lì to be alone / to stand in isolation
 jié yǐng gū dān to be all alone by oneself
 jié lì wú yī to stand alone / to have no one to rely on
 jié shēn all by oneself / all alone
 gū jié tè lì to be all alone in the world
 gū zhēng to act on one's own / to fight alone
 shǒu kōng fáng to stay home alone (of married woman)
 mò jiǎng let alone / not to speak of (all the others)
 gū dú yú shì alone in the world (idiom)
 gū hán alone and poor / humble / (Cantonese) miserly
 ní pú sà guò jiāng , zì shēn nán bǎo like a clay Bodhisattva fording a river, can't guarantee his own safety / unable to save oneself, let alone others
 dān dǎ dú dòu to fight alone (idiom)
 dú shǒu kōng fáng (of a married woman) to stay home alone
 zì yóu to travel alone (i.e. not with a tourist group)
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