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 jì mò lonely / lonesome / (of a place) quiet / silent
 ān jìng quiet / peaceful / calm
 qiāo qiāo quietly / secretly / stealthily / quiet / worried / Taiwan pr. [qiao3 qiao3]
 jì jìng quiet
 jìng tài static / sedate / quiet / passive / (physics) static / steady-state / (electronics) quiescent
 ān dìng stable / quiet / settled / stabilize / maintain / stabilized / calm and orderly
 dī diào low pitch / quiet (voice) / subdued / low-key / low-profile
 chén jìng peaceful / quiet / calm / gentle
 qīng jìng peaceful / quiet / tranquil / purified of defiling illusion (Buddhism)
 qīng jìng quiet / peaceful and quiet
 jìng yīn quiet / silent / mute
 yōu jìng quiet / secluded / isolated / peaceful
 jìng mì quiet / still / tranquil
 tián jìng still / peaceful / quiet
 jìng jì quiet / silent
 ān shēng peaceful / restful / quiet / still
 jì jì quiet
 jì rán silent / quiet
 sù jing simple and neat / quiet (colors) / unobtrusive / (of food) light / not greasy or strongly flavored
 ān content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to find a place for / to install / to fix / to fit / to bring (a charge against sb) / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace / ampere
 qīng clear / distinct / quiet / just and honest / pure / to settle or clear up / to clean up or purge
 xì thin or slender / finely particulate / thin and soft / fine / delicate / trifling / (of a sound) quiet / frugal
 jìng still / calm / quiet / not moving
 qiǎo quiet / sad
 jìng quiet / peaceful / to make tranquil / to pacify
 tián quiet / calm / tranquil / peaceful
 yàn late / quiet
 mì quiet
 dàn tranquil / placid / quiet
 qù quiet / to live alone
 shàn easy / quiet
 tiē peaceful / quiet
 píng fú to pacify / to calm / calm / quiet / to lie on one's belly
 tián mì quiet / peaceful
 qù jì still / quiet
 qù rán quiet / still and silent
 yǎ jìng elegant and calm / gentle / quiet
 tán quiet / peaceful
 chén qián to lurk under water / to immerse oneself in (study etc) / to lie low / to keep a low profile / quiet / reserved / self-possessed
 píng ān safe and sound / well / without mishap / quiet and safe / at peace
 jìng qiāo qiāo extremely quiet
 wén jìng (of a person's manner or character) gentle and quiet
 qīng lì lucid and elegant / quiet and exquisite / clear and attractive style
 qīng yōu (of a location) quiet and secluded / beautiful and secluded
 fēng píng làng jìng lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom) / tranquil environment / all is quiet / a dead calm (at sea)
 tián dàn quiet and contented / indifferent to fame or gain
 jìn ruò hán chán to keep quiet out of fear (idiom)
 xián jū to lead a quiet and peaceful life in retirement / to stay home with nothing to do / to lead a solitary life
 ān shì quiet and comfortable
 yǎo rán quiet, silent, and lonely / far and indistinct / gone without a trace
 yǎo dark and quiet / disappear
 yǎo deep / quiet and elegant / variant of 杳[yao3]
 tiǎo quiet and secluded / gentle, graceful, and elegant
 qiǎo rán wú shēng absolutely quiet
 níng jìng zhì yuǎn tranquility yields transcendence (idiom) / quiet life of profound study / cf Still waters run deep.
 gēng shēn rén jìng deep at night and all is quiet (idiom)
 qīng fēng míng yuè lit. cool breeze and bright moon (idiom) / fig. peaceful and clear night / (allusively) living a solitary and quiet life
 yōu pì secluded / quiet and remote / obscure and faraway
 lěng lěng qīng qīng deserted / desolate / unfrequented / cold and cheerless / lonely / in quiet isolation
 guǐ quiet and nice
 lěng qīng qīng deserted / desolate / unfrequented / cold and cheerless / lonely / in quiet isolation
 tián hé quiet and gentle
 tián měi quiet and nice
 tián shì quiet and comfortable
 tián yǎ retired and quiet / calm and graceful
 yǒu yī jù méi yī jù to speak one minute and be quiet the next
 qīng tián pure and quiet (of life) / tranquil and comfortable
 wēn jìng quiet and gentle
 kōng qù empty and quiet
 suì hù forbidding entrance to a large, quiet house
 jìng ruò hán chán as quiet as a cicada in winter (idiom)
 fēng tián làng jìng lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom) / tranquil environment / All is quiet. / a dead calm (at sea)
 qiǎo qiǎo wài jiāo quiet diplomacy
 guó jì níng jìng tài yáng nián International Year of the Quiet Sun / International Quiet Sun year
 níng jìng tài yáng quiet sun
  Consultation on Options and Techniques for Quiet Diplomacy
 pì shì lit. to open a room / fig. to settle in a quiet room / behind closed doors
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